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  • 21.08.2019

  • I've been playing vinyl records continuously since the 1970's, owning a bunch of different turntables in that time. But what's the state of the turntable market in 2019? Should you buy new or vintage? I thought it was about time to upgrade my vinyl setup again, so I went out and bought some turntables to test. In this video, I scientifically test four turntables in various performance metrics that I think are important, and then judge them on look & feel and value. Along the way, I hope to answer whether you should buy a new or vintage turntable (and even which specific model). Included in this test: representing the vintage era, my venerable old fully automatic, direct drive Sony PS-LX3 and the decidedly all manual (but also direct drive) Technics SL-1200 Mk5; and for the new turntables, the semi-auto belt-driven Fluance RT-82, and the full auto belt-driven Denon DP-300F. All of these models offer something unique that I wanted to try out. The performance results were somewhat surprising! I purchased all of these turntables with my own money; none were provided by the manufacturers. Buyee helped out with shipping from Japan but I bought the products themselves. btw, I actually don't get a cut from anything you buy on Buyee (nor any of the manufacturers in this test), but I do have Amazon affiliate links that I'd love it if you used if you buy a domestic turntable: As promised, here are a couple of cartridge comparison videos that I like from around YouTube. Keep in mind that YouTube is still compressing the music so these won't sound exactly the same in your home, but you can still use these videos to compare cartridges against each other and the differences are often obvious:


  • Mr. Londell's Groovy Movies

    A vinyl enthusiast with common sense. Absolutely love it!

  • Walter Werner
    Walter Werner vor 1 Jahr

    So, I'm guessing the TechDAS Air Force Zero isn't a top pick?

  • G Badge
    G Badge vor 10 Monaten

    To the audiofool an his money - "Just change the cartridge" Love it. Great review.

  • Jacob Parkinson
    Jacob Parkinson vor 1 Jahr

    SL-1200 / 1210 mk2 all you need!

  • Nico Meier
    Nico Meier vor 9 Monaten

    I got into the vinyl revival last year. I already had a very good stereo setup and bought a refurbished DUAL 704 (direct drive, low mass tone arm, very, very good turntable).

  • DoovyBro
    DoovyBro vor 3 Monaten

    4.45 Haha, refreshing honesty. I remember having a heated debate with a bunch of audophiles a decade ago about HDMI cables and they were adamant £100 cables gave better images and sound. Sometimes they are so entrenched in their hobby they hear and see things that dont exist.

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K vor 1 Jahr

    Fluance makes great turntables. I bought a Fluance RT-81 about 3 years ago, and haven't looked back.

  • Edward Gonczy
    Edward Gonczy vor 11 Monaten

    Helpful but still not going to sell my Linn Sondek LP12.

  • ian ball
    ian ball vor 1 Jahr

    Pioneer turn tables i still have one from the early 80s. Its still good

  • Oliver King
    Oliver King vor 1 Jahr

    Excellent video. Would love to see you do tests on a Sony Biotracer and say a Beogram 4000. Two of my favorites when they have been restored!

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones vor 4 Monaten

    Agree that most turntables are “the same”, but I also sold hi-fi late 1970’s, top end Yamaha and Nakamichi, and can state that the Linn Sondel LP12 is the exception. I recorded Alan Parson’s I, Robot on an LP12 and Reba Planar II, swapping the cartridge over. Rega sounded good, but the LP12 sounded as if someone had taken the speakers from behind the curtains AND dynamic range extended. I even told Ivor Tiefenbrun this to his face in 1979!

  • dwoodog
    dwoodog vor 1 Jahr

    I'll continue with "vintage" units. I like my semi/fully automatic units.

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W vor 1 Jahr

    Gotta love that you flashed Farewell to Kings on Blu-ray

  • Durk Hutmacher
    Durk Hutmacher vor 7 Monaten

    This is a really well done video. Thank you for this level of detail!

  • Sanjay Patel
    Sanjay Patel vor 6 Monaten

    Well thank you for confirming that I do not need to change from my Technics SL 1300. I've had it for over 40 years, running it with an Ortofon cart and it still sounds sweet.

  • John D
    John D vor 11 Monaten

    Saw the Ride album, and I had to watch.

  • Howard Gittela
    Howard Gittela vor 7 Monaten

    Thank you for this! This sums up all my reasons for still listening to vinyl while being a sound guy and service tech! :-)

  • Mike Cushman
    Mike Cushman vor 2 Wochen

    Thanks so much, with my hearing loss I Got while in the Army I'm hopping that my Pioneer pl 530 is a good one.

  • Alain Pascal
    Alain Pascal vor 11 Monaten

    Just subscribed, now I am going to go binge watching everything you posted before and since.

  • Alan Ross
    Alan Ross vor 5 Monaten

    Wouldn't have turntable without a strobe and speed adjustment