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  • 01.04.2018

  • Billie Eilish talks about singing with her brother and performs “six feet under”, “ocean eyes” and “bellyache” for NYLON For daily updates on Billie Eilish, follow us on Twitter: Instagram:


  • Alanna Kirtay
    Alanna Kirtay vor 8 Monaten

    These two are under 23 years old and now, collectively have 10 Grammys.

  • Mark M.
    Mark M. vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    What a voice!!! I've only just discovered these two. I'm 63 years old - and their music touches my heart and soul. I'm completely blown away - All the best!

  • german david
    german david vor 4 Monaten

    Am I the only one who thinks that the acoustic versions of Billie Eilish's songs are better than the official ones?

  • Gaming Solo
    Gaming Solo vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    I don’t understand the hate, she easily has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard

  • Madhatter_ Eilish
    Madhatter_ Eilish vor 1 Tag

    it should say billie and finneas preform for NYLON

  • Treneiro Vlog
    Treneiro Vlog vor 7 Monaten

    Finneas is such a professional! They both are, but this guy! wow

  • Юлия Леонова
    Юлия Леонова vor 5 Monaten


  • Ami E
    Ami E vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    She was 14 y.o. and Finneas 19 y.o. here, four years ago. He still had acne and their parents couldn't yet afford to get her an Invisalign to fix her crooked tooth...Early last year, Finneas paid off his folk's mortgage and moved into his own house in LA. This is the level of their musicianship right out of their bedroom, before she started performing regularly before and audience. What talent and heart!

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones vor 3 Monaten

    Gosh the way he rips them up for not clapping more enthusiastically, he's right, it was phenomenal

  • Anastasia Saatre
    Anastasia Saatre vor 3 Monaten

    Everyone is talking about her voice and songs, but I can't stop admiring her connection with Finneas. Those little smiles they gave each other were so cute. It's nice to see siblings that are so close.

  • Serenity Bassett
    Serenity Bassett vor 2 Jahren

    “blooooooooooom” lets just admire that note, that harmony....

  • AAE
    AAE vor 5 Monaten

    She was 14 and he was 19 at this recording...hard to believe!

  • Glenda Fisher
    Glenda Fisher vor 1 Monat

    She sounds her best when she does acoustics with her brother. Their voices are prefect together.

  • Dreamer A Scape Land
    Dreamer A Scape Land vor 5 Monaten

    Shes a natural shes telling a story with her soul She could do her performance in her sleep but she wakes up to say hello like she crept a dream much greater than just a few songs, like public eye, like prosperity, shes utterly amazing to me, sometimes i dont even get what i feel i just do i am one to shame sometimes

  • Melissa Duffy
    Melissa Duffy vor 5 Monaten

    Her voice like cupping my hands and drinking cold, pure mountain stream water.

  • Casey Marshall
    Casey Marshall vor 2 Jahren

    no matter how many times you listen to their voices, you could never get sick of it

  • Sara Ridgard
    Sara Ridgard vor 5 Monaten

    It’s so crazy how effortless it is when she sings.

  • rica paras
    rica paras vor 5 Monaten

    Whose watching this during quarantine?

  • Serena Wong
    Serena Wong vor 4 Monaten

    Everyone who disliked this video must have been crying so hard, they just missed the like button.

  • Minh Thư
    Minh Thư vor 3 Monaten

    NYLON must give whoever invited them that day a big ass promotion cause they sure as hell can't afford her now 😂😂