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  • 13.01.2020

  • Please donate to this good cause, the people and creatures of Kangaroo Island need our help 🙏🏼💔 absolutely every cent counts! We love you guys. The crew on La Vagabonde and the whole of Australia thanks you. xx Song Credits: 00:00 Ren - Bullet - 00:42 Salty Skin - Sense - 02:34 State of Mind - Liam Wright - 04:35 Handmade Moments - Night & Day - 06:41 Palace Winter - Positron - 09:17 Happy Gypsy by Max Herve (Paris Streets) Artlist 10:20 Sky Jammer - Waiting on the Wind - 15:21 On My Way Home - Adam Yoo - 18:14 The King's Parade - Belsize Lane - Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Join our Patreon Crew. For LIVE broadcasts, exclusive content and other perks! Please become a Patron and support our production. Download Elaynas music here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro Predict Wind


  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde vor 8 Monaten

    Thanks to everyone who has supported our campaign for Kangaroo Island. The support has been amazing. Here's the link again if you're looking for it:

  • Tomahawk_12
    Tomahawk_12 vor 8 Monaten

    If U didn't see, Henry Cavill is now a big fan and started binging ur vids. He put it up in his insta story

  • Gothica Faircourt
    Gothica Faircourt vor 8 Monaten

    FYI, Henry Cavill just posted on Instagram that he's obsessed with this channel (he watches it while he's running on his treadmill)

  • Lori Wagoner
    Lori Wagoner vor 8 Monaten

    Oh my goodness - Shahid, the receiver of your fish offering - he's a regular here at our store in North Carolina!! Small world just got smaller.

  • G M
    G M vor 8 Monaten

    Should give Lenny a gopro so he can attempt to film and call it "lenny cam".

  • Jina
    Jina vor 8 Monaten

    I’m here because of Henry Cavill

  • Destiney harriason
    Destiney harriason vor 8 Monaten

    I want a life like this so bad but I don’t know where to even start🥺

  • Johnny Evo-1
    Johnny Evo-1 vor 8 Monaten

    Well the wife said give it a try.

  • Andy C
    Andy C vor 8 Monaten

    Old man in van " yea most of these building are Victorian"

  • malenotyalc
    malenotyalc vor 8 Monaten

    I love how you take the time to give extra food to fellow travelers instead of chucking it for the sharks!

  • Dj B
    Dj B vor 8 Monaten


  • Dennis M
    Dennis M vor 8 Monaten

    Lenny is just like Bam Bam from the Flintstones. 😂

  • Chelsea Aja
    Chelsea Aja vor 8 Monaten

    Riley: “You sound like a junkie” 😂😂 what a true Aussie

  • Andrew Bierlair
    Andrew Bierlair vor 8 Monaten

    That baby needs so teething toys, will keep him from grinding his teeth.. We love y'all content...

  • Mitchell Castleman
    Mitchell Castleman vor 8 Monaten

    I just recently moved onto a motor yacht with my dad because of these videos! You have motivated us both and we can’t thank you enough for that! Love you guys and keep it up! :)

  • Genevieve Luna
    Genevieve Luna vor 8 Monaten

    i just donated to the Kangaroo Island GoFundMe 💜 as a Californian who has seen her state ravaged by wildfires in recent years, I am feeling the sadness for Australia especially deeply. May you all get through this and recover well. Ultimately, our planet's environment is at risk which affect us ALL, so we should all be rallying to preserve and recover as much of it as we can x

  • Marc Clough
    Marc Clough vor 8 Monaten

    My wife and I LOVE watching your adventures and now that this has become "The Lenny Show" we LOOOOVE it even more!! You guys are the best parents and the sweetest family ever!

  • Leanne Custer
    Leanne Custer vor 8 Monaten

    Like I said Lenny is a natural

  • Lisha bright
    Lisha bright vor 8 Monaten

    Thank you for starting a fundraiser in regards to the fires. In my extended family we lost 2 homes on nye. One in conjola and one in Bateman bay. It’s truly devastating. I am so grateful I haven’t lost any of my humans but the same can’t be said for everyone in this country. That and the loss of wildlife and bush is truly breaking my heart though. Anyone from Australia reading this please in the very least leave out some birdseed, fruit and water for the animals regardless where you are. Even without the fires the severe drought is severely affecting all wildlife so please help them in even this small way. Every little thing makes a difference. Much love x

  • Boondock Patrol
    Boondock Patrol vor 8 Monaten

    That capture of Lenny’s chubby little toes on those steps was so cute! Lol!