BOAT LIFE: Cleaning the Ship. We arrived in an Old Fishing Village! Ep. 226 Herunterladen

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  • 09.12.2019

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  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde vor 10 Monaten

    Hey everyone! I know you will all be eager to watch the Atlantic crossing which occurred over the last 3 weeks. We can't wait to show you our incredible experience. We have hit the ground running with boat maintenance, video editing and managing this crazy little one year old who has taken curiosity and adventure to a new level - haha! We'll update you as soon as we can. Thanks to all the supportive comments, it means a lot to us. Thanks also to our patrons who are financially supporting our videos, you make these videos possible - thank you legends! If you would like to support our videos by becoming part of the crew, see exclusive content before anyone else, check it out here:

  • Adventurous Emma
    Adventurous Emma vor 10 Monaten

    Now that's a kid who already knows how to enjoy life.

  • deermeatfordinner
    deermeatfordinner vor 10 Monaten

    Loving your videos! We should meet up somewhere and do a few together!

  • KC2DZB
    KC2DZB vor 10 Monaten

    Riley's still complaining about Elayna's food provisioning and conveniently forgetting that the boat ran out of diesel. LOL.

  • Ffion Meredith
    Ffion Meredith vor 10 Monaten

    Lenny’s personality is really coming through, he is adorable x

  • Jacob Baird
    Jacob Baird vor 8 Monaten

    “Here play with that...”

  • Kp 555
    Kp 555 vor 10 Monaten

    I’m sure this sounds weird but your intro and the song to “Alaska, the last frontier “ are the greatest “intros” I’ve ever heard or seen. I can’t afford to be a patron but I watch everything you put on you tube. Please please keep up the awesome work.

  • Flow Rider
    Flow Rider vor 10 Monaten

    I see they have a Tern nesting area. In Canada, we had a flock of Terns fly through smoke created by a police marijuana burning incinerator . Apparently, there wasn’t a Tern left unstoned. 🤣😇🇨🇦

  • gnubaum
    gnubaum vor 10 Monaten

    Lenny's food review on strawberries: 10/10, best consumed with your eyeball

  • Carole Warner
    Carole Warner vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Wish these came out several a week. I can't STAND waiting an entire week to see what you're up to next. I think the problem is that when I first discovered you I binge watched my way through every single one of your posts from the very first one, so I didn't have to wait to see what happened next. But alas...I've been all caught up for some time now, so now I have to wait and it's excruciating! Far worse now that you've taken on your stowaway Lenny. One can see him growing and changing literally from on week to the next! I honestly hate missing out on what's happening day by day.

  • Jack Boggis
    Jack Boggis vor 10 Monaten

    I though the guy in the wheelchair was what you were filming at first 😂

  • Sharpshooter 250
    Sharpshooter 250 vor 10 Monaten

    That elderly lady who kissed Lenny was a Angel ...

  • Steve Swafford
    Steve Swafford vor 10 Monaten

    This land locked Nebraskan who has never seen the ocean just loves living through you guys lol

  • Fabrícia Barros
    Fabrícia Barros vor 10 Monaten

    Amo cada vídeo!! Muitas energias boas!! Ainda nem assisti, mas já curto, pois sei que é conteúdo de altíssima qualidade!!! Indicando para todos que conheço aqui no Brasil!!! Abraço apertado.

  • Matt Brunetto
    Matt Brunetto vor 10 Monaten

    I swore to my wife that I saw you guys in Montauk but didn’t get a chance to say hello. She finally believes me after watching this episode 😂

    TRAIN CLIPS BC vor 10 Monaten

    Fellow sailor and YouTuber Billy Sweezey of “Tula's Endless Summer” is from Montauk.

  • Mig Trewornan
    Mig Trewornan vor 10 Monaten

    You're going to have to start tying Lenny to the boat soon.

  • Fla Gal
    Fla Gal vor 10 Monaten

    I absolutely love the editing in your videos, Lt. Dan and Forrest Gump. One of the very best clips of that classic.

  • AussieR1
    AussieR1 vor 10 Monaten

    6 weeks after finding your channel I've finally caught up with "real-time". It has been an epic journey so far, thank you for all the effort you guys put in.

  • Paul Chapin
    Paul Chapin vor 10 Monaten

    You teach your child to love fruits and vegetables, your detractors teach their children to love McDonald's. I think you are doing it the right way.