BOAT LIFE: Family of 3, CONFINED SPACE Living at SEA! Ep. 233 Herunterladen

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  • 27.01.2020

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  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde vor 8 Monaten

    Slip Slop Slap! Don't forget to protect your skin from the sun folks! This is as good a reminder as ever.

  • Nathaniel Ramos
    Nathaniel Ramos vor 8 Monaten

    Love when you include history or background on the places you visit.

  • Robbe Nagel
    Robbe Nagel vor 7 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Don't know whether this will be read by Elayna and Riley, but I just felt like sharing this.

  • Tammy Anderson
    Tammy Anderson vor 8 Monaten

    Omg that baby is the most adorable beautiful little boy ever. He looks so happy too. Congratulations mom and dad on job well done.

  • Terry Zammit
    Terry Zammit vor 8 Monaten

    Lenny sounds like a dolphin clicking . He's so adorable

  • Mister Itchy
    Mister Itchy vor 8 Monaten

    "Why did you push everything?"

  • Matthew Herman
    Matthew Herman vor 8 Monaten

    My cheeks hurt from smiling. And again... the little guy stole the show. Really groovy content and kudos to your editor. ✌️❤️🤙Uncle Matt

  • SaMmY Eric
    SaMmY Eric vor 8 Monaten

    Attn:::: Attn::::

  • john goodman
    john goodman vor 7 Monaten

    Come to Cape Cod, MA!! We've got dockage anytime for you guys at the Wellfleet Pier!

  • 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content

    I cried when I saw Lenny standing up, I felt like he was born yesterday, time flies so fast. thank you for including us in your adventure

  • Preston Hoyt
    Preston Hoyt vor 8 Monaten

    I was today years old when I realized that Riley isn't named Rollie. Love the accents. Love your family and we're t minus 10 years from buying our boat. Keep it up. I'm learning so much about the cruising lifestyle from ya'll.

  • Tony Molen
    Tony Molen vor 8 Monaten

    The boy is such a great character. And I love his food review.

  • Geezer Smith
    Geezer Smith vor 8 Monaten

    "It's a bit of a cooler day outside and the thought of warming up with a nice little walk seemed like a good idea"

  • Wadha Alotaibi
    Wadha Alotaibi vor 8 Monaten

    lenny’s giggles are so so precious!!!!! warms my heart everytime. sending love from kuwait!

  • AffectPho
    AffectPho vor 3 Monaten

    This was so fun to see you visit a place I've actually been to! I had my first ever sailing regatta in Newport, so it holds a special place in my heart. It was great to hear some of the history too. Love to you guys!

  • shae brown
    shae brown vor 8 Monaten

    Lenny’s little smiles brighten my day!!

  • Rover Reporter
    Rover Reporter vor 8 Monaten

    Great vid as usual........looking forward to the Greta guys must be way back in time but the content is still awesome........bye.

  • Stenna Blue
    Stenna Blue vor 1 Monat

    Such an amazing family....and that Lenny is just absolutely adorable and just so darn CUTE!! :)

  • mdn jean pierre
    mdn jean pierre vor 5 Monaten

    ....une nana à demie dévêtue sur un fond d’image d'aquarium et on obtient : 831 404 vues !!!

  • Sweet Tony
    Sweet Tony vor 8 Monaten

    “Last of the free time we’ll have before Lenny wakes up so we are making the most of it.”. Next scene...spoon and peanut butter. Nice!