BOAT LIFE: Mapping our Trip down the Coast! Ep.242 Herunterladen

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  • 20.04.2020

  • Welcome back to Europe! In this episode we map out our trip down the coast, to get La Vagabonde to Lagos for a haul out. Meet Andre, a patron who we met whilst in Lisbon. We were lucky enough to have him onboard to help us sail, because we're still a little tired from the North Atlantic Crossing. Having a natural sailor who knew the local area and spoke the language definitely made things easier. Enjoy ⚓️🌞 Love Elayna, Riley and Lenny x Song Credits: 00:02 Janos - SICKY/STICKY - 02:23 Jordan Merrick - Low Country - 03:44 Airline Food - They Wouldn't Want to Know - 06:02 Loss - Phoria - 07:41 Tender - Outside - 10:59 Luís Trindade - Beautiful Way to Die - 12:32 MaJLo - The Bird's Song - Thanks to our amazing featured music artists for supporting the show! You can listen to them all on our Spotify playlist: Produced by Elayna & Riley Edited by Andrew Dickerson Follow our Insta's for more!! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Join our Patreon Crew. For LIVE broadcasts, exclusive content and other perks! Please become a Patron and support our production. Download Elaynas music here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro Predict Wind


  • Colin Summers
    Colin Summers vor 5 Monaten

    Nice job, Andre! Going from patreon to co-star in one episode.

  • Stephen Shaw
    Stephen Shaw vor 5 Monaten

    I have followed your journey for months. Not to sound weird, but as an old guy, I end my evenings with a glass of wine and your videos. Makes me laugh everytime. Keep on trucken guys. Love Lenny's growls.

  • Frank Dalla
    Frank Dalla vor 5 Monaten

    Little Lenny has no idea that he's already seen more of the World than most people see in a lifetime.

  • ivedied
    ivedied vor 5 Monaten

    “Exploring the west coast of Europe in 2020 is going to be an absolute treat”.... shouldn’t have said that 😐

  • Benjamin W
    Benjamin W vor 5 Monaten

    Lockdown sucks but this helped boost my spirits, thanks guys!

  • Kaleb Snow
    Kaleb Snow vor 5 Monaten

    That shot of Lenny asleep on Riley... so wholesome.

  • Colin Deal
    Colin Deal vor 5 Monaten

    Elayna: "Exploring the West coast of Europe in 2020 is going to be an absolute treat."

  • SAOIRSE Griffin
    SAOIRSE Griffin vor 5 Monaten

    Lenny is one amazing little toddler he’s crossed the Atlantic and didn’t even blink an eye

  • Caressa
    Caressa vor 5 Monaten

    Love how you make your patrons so happy, even though they are working. It's a memory that they will never forget and will be shared around tables and breaking bread :) Love!

  • Donna W. Neighborhood 8
    Donna W. Neighborhood 8 vor 5 Monaten

    Seems so relaxing after the big crossing -- from hard rock to slow jazz. Always love the music you pick. Perfect! Hi Andre you lucky skipper. Thanks!

  • Greg Turner
    Greg Turner vor 5 Monaten

    Lenny did not grunt, grumble, and growl in this episode. I missed that !!

  • marissa woods
    marissa woods vor 5 Monaten

    Beautifully done guys, I love watching the old episodes and coming back to new ones. You guys have accomplished so much and should be very proud of yourself and Lenny, he’s wonderful. Be safe always

  • Isak W
    Isak W vor 5 Monaten

    Oh man, didn’t expect to see my cousin in this video.

  • Always An Adventure With Kids

    We can't wait to see what happens next. I know the lockdown is coming and I am wondering how you are dealing with it. I know you will make the most of it.

  • russ bentley
    russ bentley vor 5 Monaten

    Such a nice, smoothly edited back to the present transition with an excellent addition of Andre, perfect music and Lenny doin his thing with emerging personality. One of your best episodes and it's all within the grasp of Portugal's gorgosity. Nice.

  • Ned Longdon
    Ned Longdon vor 5 Monaten

    Andre, what a lovely kid! I swear you guys manage to always find the gooduns!

  • maritavanillelore
    maritavanillelore vor 5 Monaten

    I'm so happy for the Patreon you met. He seems genuinely excited to have met you and practice his skipper skills. love it. love you guys. 3

  • Lyndsey Norman
    Lyndsey Norman vor 5 Monaten

    Lovely to see such gregarious, outgoing people. It always strikes me how open and kind-natured you are. Being looked after by your Patreons just goes to show that what you out out into the world, you get back. I should be jealous, but you're both pretty hard to hate and you just inspire me more than anything. You shine such a positive light everywhere you go, and THANK YOU for making me smile in quarantine!! Love from the UK.

  • Colin Summers
    Colin Summers vor 5 Monaten

    Does anyone else think it odd that our children grow up knowing all the first word to say to a bunch of animals, but usually only one or two languages other humans speak? I mean, Lenny's

  • clo
    clo vor 5 Monaten

    and in this time of darkness I’m reminded of how much light you guys give my life, I swear your aura’s are meant to heal us injured souls 3 sending all my love to you 3, keep safe 3