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  • 06.04.2020

  • Join our Patreon here: or click the link below to sign up to our weekly emails and we'll send you the link to our latest recorded live stream: It appears as if we've been in isolation for years now....... we were well trained for what was about to emerge. Join us as we were, in the stunning Chesapeake before the entire world shut down. Song Credits: 00:00 The Big Idea - XXXVII - 06:21 Riff Beach - In The Pines - 09:53 Circlelight - From the Outside - 17:58 Handmade Moments - Invisible Things - Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!! Don't forget to like us on Facebook! Join our Patreon Crew. For LIVE broadcasts, exclusive content and other perks! Please become a Patron and support our production. Download Elaynas music here! Pick up some official La Vaga merch and help support our journey! Subscribe to our new sexy website for blog posts and updates! Follow us on Twitter! Like Elaynas Music page on the book! FAQ What cameras do we use? BIG CAMERA: OTHER BIG CAMERA: HANDY CAM: GOPRO: DRONE: SELFIE STICK: What software do we use? Premiere Pro Predict Wind


  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde vor 5 Monaten

    Thanks for watching! Only one more episode left of our time in USA before we jump across The Atlantic to Portugal. If you haven't already seen our Atlantic crossing, you can check out the playlist here:

  • Stephen Shaw
    Stephen Shaw vor 5 Monaten

    There's an old saying: A parent cannot wait for their first child to walk and talk, but once they can, the parent just wants them to sit still and stop talking.

  • Damon Dominique
    Damon Dominique vor 5 Monaten

    y’all have been living in isolation since the dawn of time

  • dan080467
    dan080467 vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Lenny, when your wife, or daughter is going through these comments in

  • she is
    she is vor 5 Monaten

    Me (Canadian): That looks like Canada!

  • Fiona MacKinnon
    Fiona MacKinnon vor 4 Monaten

    Sorry for the delay, but as a Canadian: It definitely looks Canadian (I'm from Nova Scotia)

  • Derrick Gould
    Derrick Gould vor 5 Monaten

    Greetings from Canada. Riley is correct. This looks a lot like many regions in Canada including my favourite area of Ontario called the Algonquin Park region.

  • SAOIRSE Griffin
    SAOIRSE Griffin vor 5 Monaten

    Eleyna: “ we don’t want a weird boat kid. Cause they exist” Lenny:

  • Jasper Simpkin
    Jasper Simpkin vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    A FANS REQUEST: Awesome work guys, any possibility of a 'Riley's 30 second book review' ? Love your reading list matey, some heavy titles there that we would love you to share some thoughts on if you're up for it. Cheers from the Kenyan coast.

  • Daniel Müller
    Daniel Müller vor 5 Monaten


  • Michiel Tanghe
    Michiel Tanghe vor 5 Monaten


  • Kim Laney
    Kim Laney vor 5 Monaten

    That Lenny is so adorable. He should have his own show.

  • Hanna O
    Hanna O vor 5 Monaten

    I am Canadian and before you even said It reminded you of Canada, I thought to myself it looked a lot like where I live lol❤️ Great video!

  • Katie Swikart
    Katie Swikart vor 5 Monaten

    Nothing broke my heart like having to cancel my Patreon subscription after I lost my job

  • Bec Nelson
    Bec Nelson vor 5 Monaten

    Could honestly watch a 20 min compilation of just Lenny's gremlin growling, makes me laugh so hard every time! 😂

  • GhastMarketing Scroggz
    GhastMarketing Scroggz vor 5 Monaten

    Can you guys add the dates they were filmed helps with the timeline and finally got my kids into your channel they are starting at episode 1

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell vor 5 Monaten

    Lenny’s growl is just too precious

  • Captain Mark Gray
    Captain Mark Gray vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Humm, some comments disappeared. It's magical... Must be the virus.

  • Meghan Lawrence
    Meghan Lawrence vor 5 Monaten

    Before riley even said “it looks like Canada” I was like ooo it looks like my home in Canada lol

  • Daniele Piccirillo
    Daniele Piccirillo vor 5 Monaten

    "Lenny how you doin'?"