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  • 11.05.2020

  • DAY6 "Zombie" M/V Listen to DAY6 "The Book of Us : The Demon" iTunes & Apple Music : Spotify : DAY6 Official YouTube: DAY6 Official Facebook: DAY6 Official Twitter: DAY6 Official Fan's: DAY6 Official Homepage: Copyrights 2020 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


  • TC Candler
    TC Candler vor 5 Monaten

    Yep... That is going to be one of the "Songs of the Year". Nicely done guys!

  • Jun's July* Wonpil's Yonpil* Chanyeol's Jagiya

    "If we’re supposed to be role models why would we only show our best moments? What kind of example does that set? That something’s wrong with someone if they aren’t okay all the time? I don’t believe in that. I want to show you me, as a real person, so you know you aren’t alone"

  • Third of Twelve
    Third of Twelve vor 1 Monat

    Accidentally heard this song on Spotify in a random kpop playlist about a month ago. Best thing that happened during quarantine. Now I have all their songs in my playlist 😅

  • Domingo Jasper
    Domingo Jasper vor 1 Woche

    Can't blame Seungmin by fanboying to this group, ugh all songs are BOP

  • Marieke
    Marieke vor 2 Wochen

    I'm just here because Jae participated in Toast's Among Us videos several times and I liked his personality.

  • TR Winter Bear
    TR Winter Bear vor 5 Monaten

    For New Fans;

  • Rean Beñares
    Rean Beñares vor 1 Woche

    This is not just a song. This is an anthem.

  • kuzha
    kuzha vor 2 Wochen

    JYP i need to say that you're so bad at promating them. I discovered day6 a few days ago by chance and i definitely wasn't hear them before. And now i'm a big fan of them. BUT I'M LATE FİVE YEARS!! BECAUSE OF YOU!!!

  • Sharina Ivanna Frias Jimenez

    📁 Documents

  • iClaude
    iClaude vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet)

    Not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of kpop boy groups, definitely not a fan of Day6 but this one has got my attention. It first keeps appearing in my up next feed until one time I decided to click it and give it a try. Didn't regret it tho. I feel like songs like this can be barely heard from kpop nowadays, its such a masterpiece. Not to mention the lyrics are deep, beautiful, meaningful and relatable plus they made an English version for International fans. I think this group deserves to be big

  • Chaizerr Morales
    Chaizerr Morales vor 5 Monaten

    Okay this song hits home. The struggle of this generation in a song

  • Doraemon Sama
    Doraemon Sama vor 1 Monat

    I'm telling you if streams and popularity of songs are removed zombie can easily be a SOTY

  • delulu lululu
    delulu lululu vor 1 Woche

    Mark my word, they're gonna be the next digital monster group in kpop

  • * ☆ 。トレセ TRESE ✧*。

    Everything will be fine guys, everything will be fine.

  • Bubble Beany
    Bubble Beany vor 1 Monat

    To the people having a hard time here’s some things that can help:

  • Daniela Martell
    Daniela Martell vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    i’m crying so hard, the lyrics really hit a hard spot.

  • Lysa Turreda
    Lysa Turreda vor 1 Monat

    It is so sad they didn't get to promote this song. This could've been a major hit!!!

  • for DAY6 & EXO
    for DAY6 & EXO vor 2 Wochen

    I came here

  • Prima Limsuntrakul
    Prima Limsuntrakul vor 1 Monat

    Why this song didn't blow up is the biggest mystery of the year

  • Chan Chan Man
    Chan Chan Man vor 3 Wochen

    Seriously, I can't get over with this song. This song deserve not just music show wins but a SOTY because of the powerful impact of the lyrics which I also relate :(