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  • 27.04.2020

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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Watch Part 1: You Should Buy The New iPhone SE -

  • Big Yoshi
    Big Yoshi vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Me: should i buy the new iphone se?

  • scourpian
    scourpian vor 1 Monat

    Him: don’t buy this crap 💩 Me watching on the iPhone se: 👁👄👁

  • Joseph Sellers
    Joseph Sellers vor 2 Monaten

    I'm high and I'm scared he's specifically talking directly to me.

  • Henry Carlson
    Henry Carlson vor 1 Monat

    dude when im watching this i feel like its my fault

  • Amr ISMAIL
    Amr ISMAIL vor 2 Monaten

    My man over here screaming at the camera for 11 minutes straight.

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball vor 5 Monaten

    You know you've done something really bad when a Canadian is this mad at you.

  • CarMaster
    CarMaster vor 1 Monat

    Unbox therapy: “Don’t buy the new iPhone se”

  • Hydro Sheep
    Hydro Sheep vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet)

    “Step outside and experiment with something else”

  • Joshua Shultz
    Joshua Shultz vor 4 Wochen

    Me: likes little phones

  • The challenge to get 100 Subs

    Me: literally watching this video on an iphone SE

  • Raudel Perez
    Raudel Perez vor 2 Monaten

    Unbox Therapy: “Where’s the inspiration?” iPhone 6 and older users: Excuse me?

  • Amanda Silvestri
    Amanda Silvestri vor 1 Monat

    It sounds like he's trying to start a movement but him just talking about phones. LMAO

  • Shanash 92
    Shanash 92 vor 1 Tag

    Are u kidding me, some people are old fashion, so apple is just giving everyone options , i hate the new ones with no home button!

  • Shuchi Bhadoria
    Shuchi Bhadoria vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Coming from part 1 my entire life feels like a joke.


    bruh it feels like my dad lecturing me for 11 minutes for being useless.

  • 1-up Studios
    1-up Studios vor 1 Monat

    “Don’t buy this”

  • Retro Pizza Official
    Retro Pizza Official vor 3 Wochen

    Well its too late already,i already bought it and i have 0 regrets

  • cool beans
    cool beans vor 2 Monaten

    I bought this phone and its ABSOLUTELY amazing i love the old design and smaller screen it makes it alot more portable and its a perfect phone for me

  • Samay Walia
    Samay Walia vor 1 Tag (bearbeitet)