DON'T COME BACK, STAY WHERE YOU ARE ! (Advice to Nigerians living abroad); (Pararan Mock News) Herunterladen

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  • Premiere am 06.05.2020

  • Hello and welcome to a new episode of the Pararan Mock News with your one and only Pararan One of Africa. This episode is a special tribute to Nigerians living abroad (in the Diaspora), please my people it is not by force to come back to Nigeria. If you are well settled wherever you find yourself, don't come back. Today's Mock News is loaded with both funny, tragic and serious news, but before we start, please make sure you subscribe to my channel ( Don't miss my next videos) Like my Facebook Page Follow on Instagram Follow on Twitter Here is the News List: - Intro 0:04 - Nigerians are not respecting the social distancing guidelines (Nigeria News) 1:14 - Nigerian man in the diaspora dies from a car accident in Abuja. Message to the diaspora Nigerians 4:46 - Tanzania President dismisses faulty Corona_virus tests after goat and pawpaw tests positive (Tanzania News; International News) 12:13 - Kidnapper arrested, he explains how he murdered 3 Uniport students (Nigeria News Live) 16:35 - Egungun reacts to end of lockdown (Local News) 21:58 - Military Army of Ghana arrest man pretending to be a Canadian Army Officer (Ghana News; International News) 24:40 - Nigeria Health Minister wants us to donate our houses as isolation centerd (Nigerian News) 28:34 - Smart Adeyemi discuss his undying support for Yaya Bello (Nigeria News. Kogi ) 32:58 Click here to watch one another funny comedy news #PararanMockNews #ComedyNews #Nigeria #DoNotComeBack Top News


  • Pararan Mock News
    Pararan Mock News vor 4 Monaten

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  • Fancy Face
    Fancy Face vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Whoever wishes death on you Pararan, will die for your sake. You're telling the truth and the truth is bitter. Good job, my dear. Keep it up.

  • Sonite Cribs
    Sonite Cribs vor 4 Monaten

    Abraham left is fatherland and found good in a strange land. You dont have to live the rest of life in a place you were born. You can chose a new place that gives you peace of mind and better life. Even joseph lived in a strange land (egypt)and got blessed there. Arnold Schwarzenegger became a great man as an immigrant to america from a foreign country. Not every body makes it in their home country some are destined like joseph to make it in foreign country. Appreciate where ever you live that gives you joy.

  • Tricia. Olueze
    Tricia. Olueze vor 4 Monaten

    As long as you are telling the truth their swear will not work.

  • zadok emmanuel
    zadok emmanuel vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Parara to be frank you are really contributing, so many people may look at it as a joke but for me is another way of admonishing. Thanks

  • Janet Thompson
    Janet Thompson vor 4 Monaten

    Pararan, you will live to tell the truth. Any plans of the enemies against you, back to sender on Jesus name. Person wey de thing dey pain am, make he/she go kiss high tension pool or transformer.

  • Femi Akinsanya
    Femi Akinsanya vor 4 Monaten

    That is what your government turned the country to. When you voted illiterates into power.

  • Carol Muchiri
    Carol Muchiri vor 4 Monaten

    Oga Pararan You are right Our dear Brother, They Says home is the best, But there's some home's which are dangerous 👍👍👍👍❤️

  • Manka Expedine
    Manka Expedine vor 4 Monaten

    We need more leaders in Africa like those in Tanzania, Rwanda and Madagascar

  • Rita Ebai
    Rita Ebai vor 4 Monaten

    Thank you.I was called yesterday by my brother in Cameroon to come and invest there. Come build house. Am ok in Canada. Canada is safe for me.Thank u.

  • Divine Justin
    Divine Justin vor 4 Monaten

    Tanzania president is my hero I keep telling people this is covid-419 ever since Nigeria receive this kit from China I know the case will rise because is the kit are all faulty..if you are sick ask ur doc for malaria treatment.

  • Jessica Ogbeide
    Jessica Ogbeide vor 4 Monaten

    What a sad news, may his soul rest in peace.

  • Gloria Ifezue
    Gloria Ifezue vor 4 Monaten

    Oga Parara you’re always saying the truth and that’s why I like watching you here.

  • marrah lansana
    marrah lansana vor 4 Monaten

    May his soul rest in peace ours thoughts and prayers are with his family's

  • Linda Vincent
    Linda Vincent vor 4 Monaten

    My handsome friend as far as you're saying the truth nothing will happen to you.

  • Damian Iyk
    Damian Iyk vor 4 Monaten


  • Chizoba Ihekwo
    Chizoba Ihekwo vor 4 Monaten

    😂 😂 😂! You too funny and you're making sense. God bless you real good, you will not die jare. You just gained a subscriber. Keep it up

  • Idam Precious
    Idam Precious vor 4 Monaten

    May his soul rest in Peace

  • Mary Odey
    Mary Odey vor 4 Monaten

    Africa no be dustbin, it's a continent after God's heart and full of God's blessings, it is your leader's that are dustbin

  • Lilian Vote Sowore for president Ighile

    The politicians, pastors, and traditional rulers have killed Nigeria.