Episode #9 - 8 Podcasts and a Zoom Chat Herunterladen

An deine Freunde senden
  • Premiere am 09.05.2020

  • Bonus episode - a Conversation with the whole cast of Community & Dan Harmon! Thank you to Sony & Jim Rash for arranging this! Please tune-in to the Community table read and Q&A, which will be posted on the Sony Pictures Television Community YouTube page on Monday, May 18 at 2pm PT. The table read will raise money for José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods to support COVID-19 relief efforts. The Darkest Timeline Podcast has also made a donation to both charities as well. PLEASE DONATE: https://www.frontlinefoods.org https://wck.org Thanks!


  • Bryce Long
    Bryce Long vor 4 Monaten

    There's something really satisfying about seeing donald with the cast after all his success

  • Samwell Tarly
    Samwell Tarly vor 4 Monaten

    Who’s watching this after binging the entire series during quarantine?

  • Christian Catalan
    Christian Catalan vor 4 Monaten

    Donald: "There's a group chat??"

  • greenman3265
    greenman3265 vor 4 Monaten

    I came here to see Leonard review frozen pizzas.

  • Mark Tangchaisuk
    Mark Tangchaisuk vor 2 Monaten

    Dan Harmon is younger than Joel McHale, think about that for a second.

  • Funky SheelDog
    Funky SheelDog vor 4 Monaten

    Ironic that the last three left on the podcast would probably be the last three left at Greendale

  • DatBoii Cardo
    DatBoii Cardo vor 4 Monaten

    Troy and Abed on a POOOODcast.

  • Andrew Blackmon
    Andrew Blackmon vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    *me still traumatized from troy leaving the show*

  • David North
    David North vor 4 Monaten

    Donald Glover always seems so serious in interviews but in this, he seems so bright and cheery like its almost like he's playing troy again.

  • Jacob Hartmann
    Jacob Hartmann vor 4 Monaten

    does anyone else feel weird that they're doing this without... Magnitude?

  • Andrew Golden
    Andrew Golden vor 4 Monaten

    Part of me was very happy when Yvette told off Donald for having a lewd background. The dynamic felt right.

  • Jonathon Angeles
    Jonathon Angeles vor 3 Monaten

    I know Donald is very private about his life so when his kid came into frame it looked like he got anxious and I got anxious with him.

  • Todd Salisbury
    Todd Salisbury vor 4 Monaten

    The fact Jim, Joel, and Ken sat and talked for another 20ish minutes when everyone else left shows how much these guys bonded over the time

  • Sad dc hours
    Sad dc hours vor 4 Monaten

    I really hope they added Donald to the group chat after this

  • Vittorio Fabregas
    Vittorio Fabregas vor 4 Monaten

    Yvette: "You gotta send it on the group chat"

  • Ainslee S
    Ainslee S vor 2 Monaten

    Jim Rash saying "I gotta go" and then hanging out for like a half hour made my heart so happy ❤️

  • Mike Findlay
    Mike Findlay vor 4 Monaten

    Joel literally became Jeff longing for the days of the past.

  • Shb
    Shb vor 4 Monaten

    Allison Brie's enthusiasm in this and all through out the show is really admirable. Everyone's kept talking about how busy Donald is but Allison Brie has shot up to fame too and she managed to have the same level of eagerness. I guess that goes to show how tight knit this cast are.

  • Real Dario Naharis
    Real Dario Naharis vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    The people who disliked this are from City College

  • Joseph Birch
    Joseph Birch vor 4 Monaten

    "Hey, Ken, talk louder!" is such a Jeff line