Every Sketch In The "Trapp Killed Pat" Saga Herunterladen

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  • 11.05.2020

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  • Nicholas Motta
    Nicholas Motta vor 4 Monaten

    can we get a compilation of every sketch in the "katie does cocaine" saga

  • Bloomp, D20 addict
    Bloomp, D20 addict vor 4 Monaten

    I love how he never denies it

  • Anthony Marret
    Anthony Marret vor 4 Monaten

    I actually loved this about modern Collegehumor; that there's characters, storylines, and running gags. I don't know where the complains come from but I really appreciate the effort and on the plus side these are really funny.

  • Koti Nayler
    Koti Nayler vor 4 Monaten

    I’ve just realised the entire stranger things skit was just Mike diverting from the fact he murdered Pat

  • my dumping grounds
    my dumping grounds vor 4 Monaten

    College Humor Channel Finale: Pat kills Trapp

  • Jack
    Jack vor 4 Monaten

    I spoke to Trapp and he said they didn’t actually have a plan for ending this, they just made it up as they went whenever Pat was available

  • 2ShyShy
    2ShyShy vor 4 Monaten

    I'm amazed they kept this running joke for 4 years.

  • Elijah Wallis
    Elijah Wallis vor 4 Monaten

    This is probably the most meta and funny way for a cast member to move on

  • Justin Richter
    Justin Richter vor 4 Monaten

    My company: Removes every reference to an employee from all materials seconds after they leave.

  • I C
    I C vor 3 Monaten

    Buzzfeed: former employees cannot be featured in current videos and cannot feature current employees in their own videos

  • LeCatization
    LeCatization vor 4 Monaten

    Allegedly! The title should be "Trapp alledgedly killed pat". In the eyes of the court, in the eyes of America, Trapp probably maybe didn't kill Pat.

  • Badguy Birdie
    Badguy Birdie vor 4 Monaten

    I met Pat Cassels at Shake Shack last year and he said he still doesn't know how this is going to end

  • Alia Ris
    Alia Ris vor 4 Monaten

    "After Four Sneezes The World Turns Against You"

  • Keller Corrield
    Keller Corrield vor 4 Monaten

    We're still waiting for the thrilling conclusion. "Trapped Inside: Quarantine Edition"

  • CaymanOozaru
    CaymanOozaru vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Before we had Tiger King, we had Trapped in Darkness.

  • remi patton johnson
    remi patton johnson vor 4 Monaten

    seeing caldwell in skits is so wild. i don't know what it is about caldwell, i was just pretty sure he didn't exist outside of drawfee.

  • Emmett Battle
    Emmett Battle vor 4 Monaten

    classics never die, but pat always does

  • The Wicked Musician
    The Wicked Musician vor 4 Monaten

    Jesus Christ “I’m queer, not rich” absolutely killed me

  • Floedekage
    Floedekage vor 4 Monaten

    The most terrifying thing if Collegehumor stops making sketches we'll never have an end to this series. 😢

  • Asa
    Asa vor 4 Monaten

    Every sketch he's in, I'm reminded how funny Sam Reich is. Wish we could see him more.