Fallen Herunterladen

An deine Freunde senden
  • 22.09.2016

  • Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Fallen · Gert Taberner Fallen ℗ 2016 Gert Taberner Released on: 2016-09-23 Auto-generated by YouTube.


  • Natália Žáčiková
    Natália Žáčiková vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Tell me things you never said out loud

  • Myra Rodrigues
    Myra Rodrigues vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    i love this type of music yet they make me go to the deepest and sadest part of my soul

  • Skynovacat Gaming
    Skynovacat Gaming vor 4 Monaten

    Hey you, yes you, you are loved. Everyday people think about you and care about you. Just know that even if your best friend or mum or brother isn't there for you, there are so many people who will always be there for you. Everything will be okay :) you will get through it.

  • Fláh Lima
    Fláh Lima vor 4 Monaten

    Tão tranquila, me trás uma paz imensurável...

  • Alan LM
    Alan LM vor 1 Monat

    Algún día estaré taaaan enamorado y alguien estará tan enamorada de mi para poder bailar esa canción, en privado.

  • Missbunny Binky
    Missbunny Binky vor 4 Wochen (bearbeitet)

    I remember listening to this last 2018 when im almost give up on my life my mother brought me to a psychiatrist and this song become my friend and now listening to this and while im healing makes me feel so proud of myself for fighting

  • Naleesa Nablan
    Naleesa Nablan vor 5 Monaten

    We wish we never learned to fly high

  • John
    John vor 1 Jahr

    this song needs more attention from the right kind of people.

  • Nikita Raikwar
    Nikita Raikwar vor 5 Monaten

    Could relate to Gert when he sang, ' This voice inside of me has lost its breath

  • Jeremiah Abreu
    Jeremiah Abreu vor 5 Monaten

    It’s funny how we stumbled across song we never knew we needed.

  • Hani Coco
    Hani Coco vor 6 Monaten

    Im here if u need me 'coco'

  • Jor Dat’s
    Jor Dat’s vor 5 Monaten

    I need people who can see me the way i see myself. 😔

  • Hani Coco
    Hani Coco vor 6 Monaten

    Its 4 now and i dont know why i need u, i cant reach u, sad but im leaving the country :(

  • Ryan Pagee
    Ryan Pagee vor 1 Monat

    I sure hope she can see that I'm just a man and I've fallen...hard!

  • Antonina Matyjaszek
    Antonina Matyjaszek vor 4 Monaten

    When you're having a mental breakdown, can't sleep and sobbing to sad songs and there pops up an ad of a happy lady...

  • Cerise BB
    Cerise BB vor 3 Monaten

    It’s crazy how sad we all are 😔

  • Leng Leng
    Leng Leng vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Why o why do I really came up in here? so lovely to hear 🥺

  • Татьяна Антоненко

    Обожнюю 💜💜💜

  • Brb W
    Brb W vor 4 Monaten

    Such a sorrowful song, powerful lyrics and doleful music. Voice so haunting and suited to the music. I can relate to it .😥☄🎼

  • Izzy Valero
    Izzy Valero vor 5 Monaten

    i wonder why people treat you certain way. how can you just say you love me, and not mean it. Now we are strangers and i'm hurt.