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  • 12.05.2020

  • This video is absolutely fantastic. Ever wonder why it goes Off-High-Medium-Low? Well, it has to do with motors and the ways we cheat with them. Are you wondering what the heck a selection accumulator is? Well, it's the brain of an electromechanical jukebox! Do you have the rumblies that only links can satisfy? Technology Connextras (the second channel that stuff goes on sometimes): Technology Connections on Twitter: The TC Subreddit You can support this channel on Patreon! Thanks to contributions from viewers like you, Technology Connections can continue being as weird and unpredictable as it is. If you’d like to join the absolutely magnetic people who bring these videos to you, you can find out how at the link below. Thank you for your consideration! And thank you to the following patrons! Vince Batchelor, Peter Sarossy, Tracy Cogsdill, Matt Allaire, Guy , Will Hayworth, Benjamin Gott, Zach Le, Sean Fyles-Duggan, Fredrik Østrem, Anil Dash, Simon Safar, Michael Wileczka, William Matthews, Fred Leckie, Kenneth Morenz, Andy , Adam Merolli, Bendegúz Gellén, Greg Stearns, Robert L LaBelle, Chris Satterfield (Compgeke), Jerrod Putman, Cameron Benton, Samuli Suomi, Keith McCready, Jeffrey Glover, Marcus Langendorff, Hsin-Kuei Chen, HenryD , David Anez, Josiah Keller, Conall Ó Maitiú, Struan Clark, Keeb , Alexander Karlsson, Tarrien , Jason Viterna, DrMoebyus , Chris Larsen, JH , Michael Romero, Aram Hăvărneanu, Jonathon Mah, Jonathan Polirer, Marc Versailles, Arthur Zalevsky, John Fruetel, Cupcake , Andrew Diamond, Cole Campbell, Christopher Beattie, Paul Bryan, Samuel Kirzner, Daniel Pritchard, Brandon Tomlinson, Eric Loewenthal, Jeremy Samuels, Malcolm Miles, Matthew Lloyd, David L Jones, Matthew Burket, Mike Burns, Noah Corwin, Andrew Roland, Luke Whiting, Smith8154 , Lars Jacobsen, David Groover, Michael Wehner, Kenneth Siewers Møller, jacob kamphaus, Slysdexia , Alex Hurley, D.z , Tommy McCarthy, Andrew Bobulsky, On Ice Perspectives, Brian Wright, TheGreatCO , Petteri Hjort, Daniel DeLage, Nathan Obuchowski, Sam Tran, Shaun Puzon, Bret Holmes, Vlycop , Lucas Beckmann, Casey Blackburn, Devon Hodgson, Zimpan , Loïc Esch, Filmmaker IQ, Jan Houben, Bren Ehnebuske, T.J. Zientek, Vernon , Ton Brands, Scott Wright, Kory Howard, rezonant , Thanasis Dimas, Marc Grondin, Hex , Craig Kollai, Daniel Barrera, Erkin Alp Güney, Mark Stradling, Peter Sodke, joseph , Kristian Scheibe, BigMcLargehuge510, Andrew Liendo, Nick , The Masterpiece, Seanvdv , Chris Cody, Jason Portwood, Chad Fertig, M Shrimptoast, Joseph Houghtaling, Ben Tucci, Dave Stares, Josh Braun, Joe Johnson, Daniel Dugger, Christopher Lowell, Oleg , Michael Sacchi, Ali Elam, Dan Allen, Trent Crawford, Zhenbang Xiao, Jason Watson, Markus Towara, Barky doggo, Ectra , Dylan Taylor, Martin , Reid Fishler, Daniel Meagher, Joel , Clemens , Bill Bates, Centronias , Dennis Walsh, Alex Warren, Paul Robins, CanyonMID , Les , Keenan Finucan, Ian Clanton-Thuon, Ryan Pratt, Paul Newton, Greg Golds, Theo Keeler, Tyler Alberico, Benjamin Ratner, Doug Davenport, Paul Sharp, Craig Brickey, Zidy , Justin Trout, Brandon , Karl Kornel, Danila Fediashchin, Adam , Zach Rose, Arvin Prasetya Wiranata, Patryk Majewski, Ryan Kamphuis, WB , AmbientCyan , Sam Calandra, Wolfgang Gschwendtner, Józef Sokołowski, Will Preston, Stuart Stanfield, Hammerchuckery , Christopher Olson, Kor Nielsen, Jacob Ford, Stephen Amar, Bryce , Andy Holzhammer, Ethan Mears, Jon Clegg, David Jeroslow, Ian Hills, Charles MacDonald, Andrew , Tim Jones, Crisco762 , Phil E, AnsulFolf , Roy Burns, Raymond Coutts, Ian Spence, John De Witt, Mike A, Alex Dodge, hipp1eguy , Justin Derleth, El Jefe, NEON725 , Emily Eisenberg, Mark Christian, Dylan Leblanc, Bard , Megan Lovett, LGR, Jeffrey Frasure, kn0tsin , Michael Gooden, David Wulff, Max , Fredrik Lindroth, Michael Riegel, Paul Kavanagh, finacious , Isaac Clarke, Sean Hearrell, Christopher Macdonald, Selectric , Xzandreth , Keithius , Sönke Schlüter, Julian Haldenby, Seb Bacanu, Mauricio , Hunter Thor, Austin C Borger, Gabe Cook, Anapan, S0N0S , Michael Patron, Sonic Ether, mike quick, Adam , Lucas , microserf , Daniel Kraut, André Gil da Costa, jacob topkok, Luka Sanzin, Peter Hillier, PeterH , William Holt, Ethan Hamel, Grant Campau, Else , Michael Dunn, Rin , Richard Hicks, Matthew Foulks, Levi Maaia, Mike Roach, Simon Janssen, Jorge Caballero, Kyle Messner, Matthew Schwartz, gs , ashka , Mr. Yan, Matthias Feist, RedR0ze , adan c, Thomas Fuchs, Alan Holland, Dan Boulden, Phiroze Dalal, Devin Rosenthal, Avalon Hamakei, Ray Hardman, G Cowell, Dan Coulson, Kevin Hamilton, Chase Tarson, Christopher D'Arpa, Marshall Kurtz, Matt Goldman, Hurf Durr, shaun morris, David Bell


  • Technology Connections
    Technology Connections vor 5 Monaten

    Good gravy are there just so many motors out there. Like brushless DC motors which are absolutely cool in their own right! Therefore I just want to put up here that you should

  • Morgan Hopkins
    Morgan Hopkins vor 5 Monaten

    This is the kind of OnlyFans content I'm interested in.

  • Topher TheTenth
    Topher TheTenth vor 4 Monaten

    I've decided that the cages around old fans are there ONLY to protect the fan's blades, not people.

  • victory dance
    victory dance vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    my fan goes from off, low, medium, high

  • melc311
    melc311 vor 3 Monaten

    this is the type of video that makes you realize how ignorant you actually are about everyday things we take for granted.

  • Jota C
    Jota C vor 3 Monaten

    Me, looking at my fan: Why the hell are you so complicated?

  • Nelson Nicholson
    Nelson Nicholson vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    good video :)

  • BlackEngineer
    BlackEngineer vor 3 Monaten

    Lol Electrical Engineer here. He's not even joking when he says he's simplifying things

  • Orangutan
    Orangutan vor 4 Monaten

    This is the first time ive heard someone be smart while referring to a rotor as a “spinning thingy”

  • Satoshi Matrix
    Satoshi Matrix vor 4 Monaten

    "These look a lot like transformers and act a lot like transformers but they're actually Decepticons."

  • John 帆华 Corum
    John 帆华 Corum vor 3 Monaten

    "Even before we figured out that air is a fluid, we've been pushing it around at our whimsy"

  • KherZhul
    KherZhul vor 3 Monaten


  • Stev18
    Stev18 vor 1 Monat

    tl;dw: the fan needs a kickstart in order to start spinning, so setting it to high first gives it a better kickstart.

  • LucianCanad
    LucianCanad vor 3 Monaten

    tech talk I can barely follow

  • Zeitgeist_Gaming
    Zeitgeist_Gaming vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    YouTube: Here, learn about fans!

  • Lauschner
    Lauschner vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    "It operates a lot like transformers but it is in fact a Decepticon" God I had to take a break after this one

  • Wiggles
    Wiggles vor 3 Monaten

    I was in the navy, we called your civilian

  • Yevrag35
    Yevrag35 vor 2 Monaten


  • leepinlepin wingadingdong

    They say those with fan collections are lame

  • Allison Pell
    Allison Pell vor 4 Monaten

    "When you're older"? I'm older than you are. Lenz's law explanation in next video please.