Forex Broker Killer Reality Show Episode 09 #FBKRealityShow #DJCoach #FBKmillionaires Herunterladen

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  • Premiere am 10.05.2020

  • DJ Coach (FBK) brings you an interesting Reality Show based on his success along side his crew, please like and subscribe Social media handles: website: Whatsapp: +27 73 108 9886


  • Bboy Pain Tendo
    Bboy Pain Tendo vor 4 Monaten

    That" haha Mo"Girl we will buy your whole family part hit so hard 🤣🤣🤣💯🔥big up coach.......

  • Clim Baron
    Clim Baron vor 1 Tag

    Forex isn't an easy trading platform but with the help of Denis Mark Trading I have been able to make profits

  • Lorenzo Luis
    Lorenzo Luis vor 22 Stunden

    It has been made very obvious that without the right trading system and guidance, you will encounter continuous losses?

  • tukwafela Shimutwikeni
    tukwafela Shimutwikeni vor 4 Monaten

    focus on what he's saying not what he has , because he wants you to make it one day

  • Zulu Montana
    Zulu Montana vor 4 Monaten

    Our very own 6ix9ine. Likes clowning

    FEXZI vor 4 Monaten


  • MJ Mohoje
    MJ Mohoje vor 4 Monaten

    Eish My DJ the DJ. The man with many talents.

  • lebohang ratala
    lebohang ratala vor 4 Monaten

    Whenever someone tells me i din't graduate, I just show them my car keys.DANKIE COACH BA JWETSE I CANT WAIT FOR THIS Episode.

  • Andreas M Haitota
    Andreas M Haitota vor 4 Monaten

    These boys are something else 😂 🔥🔥

  • Mpho Phutiagae
    Mpho Phutiagae vor 4 Monaten

    Thanx coach and the team... you always make me see that trading is not easy but is possible. Keep on inspiring me💯🔥

  • bryan ollin
    bryan ollin vor 3 Wochen

    As i wait on the next episode. Coach and your crew, u are one of the most realist people in the world.

  • David Mzindle
    David Mzindle vor 1 Woche

    Why are u telling ppl that u have an inside man? You're over exposing yourself and surely this could be dangerous information if it gets into the wrong hands. I don't understand why you would say that....

  • Pertunia M
    Pertunia M vor 4 Monaten

    Can't wait 💃

    AYJAY JAYJAY vor 4 Monaten

    Are"we will buy your family"😂

  • Al TRIZ
    Al TRIZ vor 4 Monaten

    ,🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this fire

  • Muchidzi Makhuvha
    Muchidzi Makhuvha vor 4 Monaten

    CAN'T wait for the FBk boys🔥

  • Campusentertainment 012
    Campusentertainment 012 vor 4 Monaten

    We see you guys 🔥🔥🔥

    AMAPIANO MOVEMENT vor 4 Monaten

    We're waiting

  • Dominic lopang
    Dominic lopang vor 4 Monaten

  • Alley Forex
    Alley Forex vor 4 Monaten

    Amazing 😍🙌