Freya Ridings - Lost Without You (Glastonbury 2019) Herunterladen

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  • 30.06.2019

  • Freya Ridings performs Lost Without You at Glastonbury 2019. Visit for more videos and photos Watch Freya Riding's 2019 Glastonbury set on demand on BBC iPlayer: Watch Glastonbury performances from throughout the years on BBC iPlayer: Listen and download your favourite Glastonbury sets on BBC Sounds: Dig deep in to performances, articles, photos and more at:


  • LockStock660
    LockStock660 vor 4 Monaten

    Im giving a warm comforting hug to anyone who needs it listening to this right now xx

  • Vishnu Raj
    Vishnu Raj vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet)

    Wish Lewis Capaldi and Freya would do a song together 3

  • Darryn Hughes
    Darryn Hughes vor 1 Jahr

    Amazing to think her father is the voice of Peppa Pigs dad 😂

  • Aries Pagaling
    Aries Pagaling vor 1 Jahr

    This song is just so heavy. 😭

  • Leana Vanholsaet
    Leana Vanholsaet vor 1 Jahr

    Standin' on the platform

  • Mikey Vegas
    Mikey Vegas vor 1 Jahr

    Stunning....... apologies for the 84 sad bastards who wouldn’t know a brilliant song and voice if it head butted them in the face .

  • Christine O’Shea
    Christine O’Shea vor 8 Monaten

    Miss my fiancé she passed in November 17th and I’m so lost without her love u Emma Lou always 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3

  • Sindre Risan
    Sindre Risan vor 1 Jahr

    Listen to that crowd. Completely paralyzed by her vocals.

  • Patrick Terkper Nagmor
    Patrick Terkper Nagmor vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet)

    She's got an amazing voice. Glad youtube recommended this. But does She sound like Florence Welch or that's just my ears?

  • Photography by Liam Anderson

    anyone else so annoyed by that wombus with the flag

  • goncalo ribeiro
    goncalo ribeiro vor 2 Monaten

    that instrumental in the beginning, it's phenomenal

  • john ross
    john ross vor 1 Jahr

    im 52 and have never heard a song that touched my heart so much

  • D. Saint Taeler
    D. Saint Taeler vor 1 Jahr

    This song will always go in hand with my first heartbreak

  • Ben A
    Ben A vor 10 Monaten

    I feel so sad, that nobody really sang with her, when she begged for it. You can sing along on an emotional song !

  • Abongile Tanga
    Abongile Tanga vor 1 Jahr

    "To love someone, and have no control" 😢

  • Untouchable artist Bentley

    Sending a brother off tonight ,, we love you Mark ..tonight they celebrate your arrival in Valhalla

  • S G
    S G vor 1 Jahr

    Came here after Kodi Lee's performance of this song on AGT finals

  • Carl D
    Carl D vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet)

    Oh my days, this has to be one of the most moving performances I have ever seen, such emotion, feeling and grace. A true talent, you lucky people who watched this live.

  • Callum McCabe
    Callum McCabe vor 1 Jahr

    Freya is the most beautiful woman on planet earth.

  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl vor 1 Jahr

    This song makes me think of my ex-boyfriend before we went our separate ways and now he's gone forever. He took his own life.