From Dusk to Dawn: How Nairobi Looks at Night this Curfew Period Herunterladen

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  • 03.05.2020

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  • timoth oluka
    timoth oluka vor 4 Monaten

    I like it the only reporter who recognize the cameraman

  • engineer14
    engineer14 vor 4 Monaten

    Alex, would you advise the military leaders of NAIROBI to take advantage and clean the city, repair and paint the roads. And lightning up the city.

  • Ms mc
    Ms mc vor 4 Monaten

    “Mimi si mlevi” 🤪🤪

  • Benerd Momanyi
    Benerd Momanyi vor 4 Monaten

    Thisis very good reporting by Alex, we need more of this.

  • Nomad Nomad
    Nomad Nomad vor 4 Monaten

    Good content but please blur the drunk guy,or any other individuals in such or other similar or related situations,si kupenda kwao,you know what I mean...

  • Riek Wafula
    Riek Wafula vor 4 Monaten

    Not to be taken seriously, but what do pharmacists and hospitals mean when they say they hope for the best with regards to reduced sales 🤪🤪

  • Genoveva shitsama
    Genoveva shitsama vor 4 Monaten

    Alex am impressed it's always good to appreciate people working with, happy you recognise your camera man.

  • Mary Nyambura
    Mary Nyambura vor 4 Monaten

    Hakuna mlevi hukumbali yeye Ni mlevi🤣🤣🤣

  • Muhammad abdallah said
    Muhammad abdallah said vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    We should have Gk under NMC clean Nairobi the way we saw other countries.The resultant clean enviroment would improve the health of citizens by boosting immunity which will aid citizens infected by Covid-19

  • Felix Kiprono
    Felix Kiprono vor 4 Monaten

    I would have loved to see a timelapse of the movements in the moments leading up to curfew time.

  • King James
    King James vor 4 Monaten


  • Sheila Mengich
    Sheila Mengich vor 4 Monaten

    When sales of drugs fall isn’t it a good thing ? Or is it not🤔

  • ismail aweys
    ismail aweys vor 4 Monaten

    It’s a joke why only at night lockdown the virus 🦠 is active at night only

  • USA_Kenyan
    USA_Kenyan vor 4 Monaten

    Alex: Good job, as usual. I was very intrigued by this video. What about doing something similar in places like Nairobi West and Madaraka, which are known for their nightlife? It would be interesting to watch!

  • J N
    J N vor 4 Monaten

    That final shot of Nairobi ❤

  • Cody Ham
    Cody Ham vor 4 Monaten

    I lv Kenya its a wonderful city to visit, I wish the gov would institute city transportation. Can you imagine that; It would be a great city to live in

  • Paul Njuguna
    Paul Njuguna vor 4 Monaten

    Huyu mzee si mlevi let him passing kafiuu haifanyi job 🤣

  • Lydia Kagunya
    Lydia Kagunya vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Did I see sonko road 😂😂😂, plus no one has spoken about the families sleeping in the streets?

  • ChiroWa Online
    ChiroWa Online vor 4 Monaten


  • Bonga Sasa
    Bonga Sasa vor 4 Monaten

    Walaai this dude chamwada and his team top of the crop!