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  • 04.04.2019

  • Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Get Stüpid · bülow Crystalline ℗ Wax Records Inc./Republic Records; ℗ 2019 Universal Music Canada Inc. Released on: 2019-04-05 Associated Performer, Vocals: bülow Associated Performer, Synthesizer Programming, Producer, Studio Personnel, Engineer: Michael Wise Studio Personnel, Mixer: Miles Walker Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Colin Leonard Composer Lyricist: Megan Buelow Composer Lyricist: Elizabeth Lowell Boland Composer Lyricist: Michael Wise Auto-generated by YouTube.


  • Murphy Lover
    Murphy Lover vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)

    wtf... I came to comments searching for lyrics, and what do I see.... 42 comments. Talk about underrated.

  • Sketch 03
    Sketch 03 vor 1 Jahr

    why aren't you famous yet??

  • H K
    H K vor 3 Monaten

    I love these type of songs but I don’t know what there called

  • Natalia .mp3
    Natalia .mp3 vor 10 Monaten

    My friends and I twerking and yelling the lyrics to this song

  • Scarlett Van Marie
    Scarlett Van Marie vor 9 Monaten

    every time the song starts i think of the dog theme in undertale

  • carebear91
    carebear91 vor 11 Monaten

    I like her so much better than Billie. Her voice is much better.

  • Angie Kang
    Angie Kang vor 10 Monaten

    I fall in love with you omg.. 노래 목소리, 분위기까지 환상....3

  • Lucca Angel
    Lucca Angel vor 1 Jahr

    Ai, Gabi...só quem viveu sabe

  • 수
     vor 7 Monaten


  • Beatriz Akemi
    Beatriz Akemi vor 1 Monat

    good music 3

  • tiny sena
    tiny sena vor 3 Monaten

    I don't trust no one 💯

  • Elle Salvador
    Elle Salvador vor 2 Monaten

    This deserve sooo much views and recognition.

  • Naomi Lantos
    Naomi Lantos vor 3 Monaten

    i can’t cope with the emotions in this song😌 the beat is just soo calming

  • 김등잔
    김등잔 vor 1 Jahr

    I love this song soooo much!!! Love from Korea!!!

  • Crabby Patty
    Crabby Patty vor 1 Jahr

    Ugh this is so good 😢💕

  • hiro matsu
    hiro matsu vor 1 Jahr

    Great! Love from Japan

  • LolBit
    LolBit vor 6 Monaten

    3 From Ohio!

  • Bach Johann Sebastian
    Bach Johann Sebastian vor 5 Monaten

    중독 쩌네,,, 가사부터 목소리까지 미쳤다.

  • Bambi
    Bambi vor 10 Monaten

    having this on repeat omg 3

  • byulissexual ot4
    byulissexual ot4 vor 11 Monaten

    I love your songs, you're such a amazing singer 3