Global National: May 11, 2020 | An optional "back to school" for Quebec families Herunterladen

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  • 11.05.2020

  • Mike Armstrong has our top story tonight from Quebec where parents now have the option to send their children back to school as of today - but how many parents were willing to take that risk with COVID-19 still presenting a risk to public health? In Ontario, thousands of people went back to work Monday. Eric Sorensen takes a look at the strategy behind the reopening, and the related pitfalls. Companies are busy deploying a wide range of technologies and protective measures to keep their employees and customers safe as the reopening process begins. But as Jeff Semple reports,- at what cost? After more than 900 employees tested positive at a Cargill meat processing plant last week, a second plant near Montreal has seen 64 of their employees test positive for COVID-19. The American-owned company is now facing pressure as to why they can’t keep their employees safe. Heather Yourex-West has more. The federal government is offering a new package to help big businesses struggling to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some are exempt, a whole range of businesses could be eligible, but with some possible strings attached. David Akin has more. And in international news: After a pair of White House staffers tested positive for the coronavirus, questions are now being asked: if one of the most secure buildings in North America can be penetrated, how does it bode for the rest of the country? And finally tonight, we take a look back at the life of Jerry Stiller, best known for his role as Frank Costanza on Seinfeld, who passed away Monday at the age of 92. MORE: For more info, please go to Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: Like Global News on Facebook HERE: Follow Global News on Twitter HERE: Follow Global News on Instagram HERE: #CoronavirusOutbreak #GlobalNews #COVID-19Outbreak


  • king james488
    king james488 vor 4 Monaten

    there's only like a month left in the school year ffs... do they really need to re-open for a month?

  • samljer
    samljer vor 4 Monaten

    They do realize physical distance doesnt work when youre still all in a closed room for an hour? guess not

  • Kryptic Kollector
    Kryptic Kollector vor 4 Monaten

    The school year is almost done, keep your kids home and may your families stay safe.

  • Cho ho Kuen
    Cho ho Kuen vor 4 Monaten

    Sending kids to school is a dead road.

  • Shirley Gorr
    Shirley Gorr vor 4 Monaten

    Poor kiddos, can't be sociable..and thats apart of growing up . Looks like kiddies jail now 😕

  • Crafty Crafter’s Place
    Crafty Crafter’s Place vor 4 Monaten

    This is so ridiculous there’s no reason for them To be back in school. Quebec has it worse than anyone and they want to send the kids back 😐

  • Rosy A
    Rosy A vor 4 Monaten

    At 4.02 one boy tapped another boys hand while they were spacing themselves out ! Kids will be kids. No way will they all practice proper social distancing. There will be a couple of clowns. And the kid couldn’t do it for one day. I wouldn’t send my son to school.

  • Easy Thai Cooking
    Easy Thai Cooking vor 4 Monaten

    I’m not sending my kids to school if virus still spreading.

  • morgantough
    morgantough vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    oh hell no, my kid wont be going back to school, that's walking a tight rope of death , home schooling is fine. why did some ppl even have kids , you guys are insane. and yes we are reopening way to fast. watch in 2 to 3 weeks we can have another much bigger out break .

  • MrSebby13
    MrSebby13 vor 4 Monaten

    Tracking people now huh? This is really starting to look like population control to me.

  • David Paul
    David Paul vor 4 Monaten

    One thing these kids aren't going to learn this year: responsible decision making skills.

  • Dusty Rose
    Dusty Rose vor 4 Monaten

    No way would I send my kids!

  • Olivia Shuii
    Olivia Shuii vor 4 Monaten

    You’re all crazy going back to school so soon.

  • David Butler
    David Butler vor 4 Monaten

    I don't understand Quebec and Ontario; they're the most in Canada, yet Ontario and Quebec are, on the Contrary; the opposite....

  • Nadine Argo
    Nadine Argo vor 4 Monaten

    No masks for kids and no testing to to know that teachers in front line with kids are clear? But they wash there hands every 2 hours!

  • De Gi
    De Gi vor 4 Monaten

    Close the schools

  • Lily of the Valley
    Lily of the Valley vor 4 Monaten

    I like the lockdown. Makes me feel safer knowing most people are at home and only essential workers are working . I hope everyone continues to self isolate. I don't want to get sick a as i work with elders.

  • Elle Charchuk
    Elle Charchuk vor 4 Monaten

    As a preschool teacher I am horrified at the idea of reopening schools. I get the practicality of it because parents need childcare if they’re going to get back to work, but children can’t grasp social distancing and it’s absolutely insane to expect them to stay six feet apart. It is literally impossible.

  • Kat Diabo
    Kat Diabo vor 4 Monaten

    if you make 300 million a year why do you need a bailout?

  • Kat
    Kat vor 4 Monaten

    They just accomodate free child care so parents go back to work to get more $$$