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  • 20.04.2020

  • GOT7 "NOT BY THE MOON" M/V Find GOT7 "DYE" on MelOn Apple Music Spotify [GOT7 Official] iTunes & Apple Music Spotify #GOT7 #GOT7_DYE #GOT7_NOTBYTHEMOON Copyrights 2020 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved


  • Stellar Sana
    Stellar Sana vor 5 Monaten

    Any International Fans here?

  • def crazy
    def crazy vor 2 Tagen


  • Jo Sza
    Jo Sza vor 3 Tagen

    Aghases are truly the most loyal fandom - only 2 weeks' active period, bare minimum promotions, lack of creative freedom of our boys, just 1 week PreOrder period, no sales in Amazon, and no signing of contract with US label. And yet here we are, still supporting our kings with full dedication because they deserve it. Our precious bond will never be broken,

  • Park Jinyoung
    Park Jinyoung vor 4 Tagen

    Don't forget to give some likes to other comments. Let's we encourage each other 💚

  • Kijoring
    Kijoring vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet)

    AHGASEs while waiting for them to comeback let’s watch all their Mv’s everyday

  • Hunter
    Hunter vor 5 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    How many International fans support GOT7?!

  • _ n_a_v_o_d_y_a _
    _ n_a_v_o_d_y_a _ vor 3 Tagen

    If you're here to spin

  • jennie v
    jennie v vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet)

    N this mv is so well made like xjbskixs

  • A G H A M I D Z Y
    A G H A M I D Z Y vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet)

    Greatest mysteries of all time:

  • 아가새IGOT7_4_life
    아가새IGOT7_4_life vor 5 Tagen

    Youngjae has been casted as Sam, an Australian-kor exchange student who’s father owns a huge teokkbokki place in Australia in the upcoming Netflix original series!

  • BUIZE Mo
    BUIZE Mo vor 5 Monaten

    GOT7 is like wine. The older they gets,the better they become.

  • Phattharawadee Sricha
    Phattharawadee Sricha vor 2 Tagen

    당신이 우리의 행복과 우리의 미소이기 때문에 우리는 당신을 떠나지 않습니다.

  • Ran X
    Ran X vor 4 Tagen

    Y'all saw Bambam??? His hair is back to being long, but I loved the short hair too!!! He looked so good especially in that piki pictures ASMR vdo!!!

  • Carolina Williams
    Carolina Williams vor 3 Tagen

    Last comeback us ahgase we got close to 1M spins in 4 days . This up coming comeback can we try to get 2 to 3m spins it will really help for our boys to chart on billboard. If we spin and buy this comeback we can get GOT7 to chart on thr billboard 200 and even the hot 100.

  • Dani Cakes
    Dani Cakes vor 3 Tagen

    and 58M is coming in a few hrs? OKAY LET'S SPIN HARDER AHGAFAM

  • Mampi Singh
    Mampi Singh vor 3 Monaten

    Why this bop is not getting views already? This deserves more than 1b.

  • Agahse Fam
    Agahse Fam vor 5 Tagen (bearbeitet)

    Agahses the Billbord social artist will start in oct. Also AAA daesang award and let me tell you something if you really love got7 and want them to be on the top of this world we have to work enough ok... GOT7 are growing year by year and we don't Know what will happen in the future and we still don't do anything big for them except the last daesang.. I've seen sooo many agahses saying " oh got7 will be against a big groups they won't win there is NO use for my voting" and that's soo wrong don't you ever think how this groups become so big? Because when they were small they ( their fandoms) keep voting and Stre@m!ng and then they win and after that people recognise them and so on they are under what you guys said " big groups" i love you all and i love got7 so much and i don't mean any harm to all of you i just want you to stop saying "next time" because i'm afraid there is NO NEXT TIME someday , we all know that got7 will not gonna be got7 forever.. Like some day in the far future they will retired and i want to give them soo much befor that day coming. I just want all of you to courage each other when the cb start and the voting began. THANK YOU FOR READING.

  • • Rawan •
    • Rawan • vor 5 Tagen

    Our goals for the next comeback:

  • Shree Kumar Nair
    Shree Kumar Nair vor 3 Tagen

    The drought is not even that bad....

  • Monika Singh
    Monika Singh vor 3 Tagen

    We are very close to 60M ... Let's get it ..they deserves the world ..