Hairdresser Reacts To Box Dye Bleach Fails Herunterladen

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  • 10.05.2020

  • Hi Beautiful! Today we watch a couple girls attempt to transform their hair from brown to blonde with box dye. Shop XMONDO Hair: Madi Cayer: Angela Boss: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: XMONDO Instagram: Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa Don't Forget To Live Your Extra Life.


  • SweetPina
    SweetPina vor 5 Monaten

    I love these people who are like giving tutorials when they don’t know what they’re doing. I wish I had that confidence lol

  • Steve Kokoras
    Steve Kokoras vor 2 Monaten

    Can someone please make a compilation called “Brad Mondo being triggered by T18 for

  • Sydney Pakkala Shepard
    Sydney Pakkala Shepard vor 2 Monaten

    God the second girl covering her forehead makes me so so sad (also all y’all in the comments being rude about her being insecure, shame on you). I have a lot of personal experience with body dysmorphia and it’s such a cruel trip having your brain completely lie to you about part of how you look to the point where it takes up that much of your attention. I hope she’s able to move past that because her forehead is completely normal.

  • Ama Sha
    Ama Sha vor 3 Monaten

    I literally heard Brad screaming “T18 DOESN’T WORK ON ORANGE HAIR” echoing through my town

  • Luiza M.
    Luiza M. vor 3 Monaten

    It actually made me quite sad to watch the second girl and wonder what made her to be so insecure about an absolutely normal facial feature.

  • kiley hewer
    kiley hewer vor 5 Monaten

    my sleep paralysis demon: “BLEACH DOESNT LATHER”

  • Bruno Scopel
    Bruno Scopel vor 3 Monaten

    "the toner did such a good job, I love the colour"

  • Abigael Roy
    Abigael Roy vor 2 Monaten


  • Lydia G.
    Lydia G. vor 3 Wochen

    “i know we all have insecurities.. i know that might not change anything because thats how you see yourself”

  • Eloise JAMES
    Eloise JAMES vor 2 Monaten

    “At least you’re didn’t go bald”

  • Theatre Turtle
    Theatre Turtle vor 5 Monaten

    To the second girl in this video, everyone say it with me:

  • Yukami Uchú
    Yukami Uchú vor 2 Monaten

    I swear to god, who dyes their hair a dark colour just to get it all bleached out? I just-

  • Cybil Wood
    Cybil Wood vor 3 Monaten

    Brad’s nightmare is probably someone kidnapping him and putting box dye or box bleach on his dry hair.

  • Lucy
    Lucy vor 3 Monaten

    the reason the first girl’s hair dye didn’t take on her roots is the “dark blue” dye she thought she bought was actually a light grey toner (the color name is blue steel)

  • Ciera F
    Ciera F vor 3 Monaten

    the character development on the second girl when she stopped covering her forehead

  • Lydia Rosado
    Lydia Rosado vor 5 Monaten

    “I was lathering the bleach” me: “bleach doesn’t lather” Brad: “BLEACH DOESNT LATHER”

  • Tiffani Ann
    Tiffani Ann vor 3 Monaten

    The girl looked even more awkward holding her forehead like that....

  • TennilleE82
    TennilleE82 vor 3 Monaten

    Why is the second girl giving directions like she knows what she's doing??

  • Sammy G
    Sammy G vor 3 Monaten

    i love how the second girls narrates like its a tutorial...... hahahaha also that hair parting tho?

  • Ello Bello
    Ello Bello vor 3 Monaten

    When the girl kept covering her fore head I was like 🤦‍♀️