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  • 18.06.2016

  • The turntable demystified! Whether you're getting into vinyl for the first time or getting back into it for the first time in years, find out what to look for when buying either a new or used player. Belt or direct drive? Rubber or cork? Modern or vintage? And what's the deal with Crosley Cruisers? Let me explain. Find a vintage turntable on Ebay: Buy the Denon DP-300F (my reasonably priced new model recommendation) on Amazon: Subscribe to my channel: Support me on Patreon!: Follow me on Facebook: And on Twitter:


  • Brandon B
    Brandon B vor 1 Jahr

    This vid make me want to go to the basement, get my records, buy a turntable, and put on "Out of the Blue."

  • The Great Lesan
    The Great Lesan vor 5 Monaten

    A used turntable once told me.. "If you change your mind, i'm the first in line. Honey i'm still free, TAKE A CHANCE ON ME"

  • vinyl city George white
    vinyl city George white vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet)

    Actually a conical stylus tracking at 3.5 grams, has the same wear on records as an elliptical stylus tracking at 1.7 grams! Most wear comes from styluses used past it's lifespan! KEEP IT CHANGED REGULARLY! Did you know that the acceptable tracking force back then was 4 grams? So those nice original used records most people are enjoying was played at that weight for many, many plays!

  • Lovelorn88 Nick
    Lovelorn88 Nick vor 10 Monaten

    I own a Pioneer PLX-500 with a Ortofon 2mRed and love it. I started with the Audio Techinca LP60

  • lrenturn
    lrenturn vor 2 Jahren

    A cuing arm is a very desirable feature on any turntable.

  • Peter Rumondor
    Peter Rumondor vor 3 Jahren

    Offset guitar guy 3


    Great video I grew up using turn tables as a kid late 60s early 70s still have my record collection that I started in the late 60s And still have my very first record I ever bought Merrilee Rush Angel of the morning ,And I still love it today as I did when it came out Thank you for the very Informative video.

  • Marsipulamis
    Marsipulamis vor 1 Jahr

    First direct drive turntable came out in 1970 and was called the SP-10. Made by Technics.

  • Emmanuel Pairis
    Emmanuel Pairis vor 2 Jahren

    You forget to mention the english brand REGA. Really good brand from u.k.

  • Rusk Reeder
    Rusk Reeder vor 3 Jahren

    Excellent. I remember that era. Your presentation and information was spot on.

  • Bart Aerts
    Bart Aerts vor 1 Jahr

    Thank you for the extensive explanation of turntables :-)

  • Black Waterdogs
    Black Waterdogs vor 2 Jahren

    Excellent tutorial, should be very helpful for a new TT shopper. The vintage market is loaded with good values !

  • David Gena
    David Gena vor 1 Jahr

    I'd add the Fluance RT 81 to your list. A beautiful turntable which sounds terrific at a cost of $250.

  • Riophae Lee
    Riophae Lee vor 2 Jahren

    Have really enjoyed this informative video. Thank you very much!

  • slapandtick1e
    slapandtick1e vor 2 Jahren

    i really like the ULM arm on these line of TTs

  • Fred Chandler
    Fred Chandler vor 1 Jahr

    I have an Audio Technica LP3. It's fully automatic and I love it.

  • Samuel pyke
    Samuel pyke vor 1 Jahr

    Crossley cruiser low-end

  • Godspeed99
    Godspeed99 vor 11 Monaten

    Incredibly helpful video, thank you.

  • Citizen Se7en
    Citizen Se7en vor 2 Jahren

    Awesome video. Looking forward to more!

  • AdurianJ
    AdurianJ vor 2 Jahren

    It's nice that Vinyl is making a comback because a Turntable just looks great on top of the Hi-Fi system in the living room !