Jess Glynne - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself/ Rather Be (Live at Big Weekend 2016) Herunterladen

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  • 01.06.2016

  • Jess Glynne ao vivo no Big Weekend do BBC Radio 1 dia 28/05/16 Subscribe / Se inscreva: Networks / Redes Sociais: ------------------------------------------ Site - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Tumblr -


  • Paulo Robert
    Paulo Robert vor 3 Jahren (bearbeitet)

    She's so pretty 😍 with

  • Thierry San JARRASSE
    Thierry San JARRASSE vor 6 Monaten


  • Sam Daniele
    Sam Daniele vor 10 Monaten

    I thought the first girl coming out was her. Did anyone else think that?!

  • Nimas Hayu Merlina Anggarini

    Her band is awesome!

  • Erin Vinson
    Erin Vinson vor 5 Monaten

    :) See looks and sounds like what 80's Jane Child's daughter would look today.  Those heels are killin' me!

  • gray brillo
    gray brillo vor 6 Monaten

    damn she is tall. oh wait a minute

  • Numneverson
    Numneverson vor 3 Monaten


  • Maria Reyes
    Maria Reyes vor 1 Jahr

    I've been looking for those kind of high platform shoes, WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO UPLAND CA. THAT'S WHERE I LIVE

  • kathleen pame
    kathleen pame vor 2 Monaten

    Her songs are hard to sing, her voice and distinct and powerful. Why oh why are you underrated?

  • elle x
    elle x vor 2 Jahren

    Okay now i know why her voice sounded so familiar to me lol i didnt realised she's the girl that sings that song rather be

  • Olivia Salvatore
    Olivia Salvatore vor 3 Tagen

    She's so gorgeous, i love how wild and powerfull she is

  • Es
    Es vor 3 Jahren

    she's so beautiful just LOOK at herrr

  • luis etienne
    luis etienne vor 2 Tagen

    She has amazing voice...and pretty!

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash vor 2 Monaten


  • Vamos aprender.
    Vamos aprender. vor 3 Jahren

    I've never seen a live singing as this woman is incredible and she sings super well I'm very fan of her

  • Paul Tonks
    Paul Tonks vor 1 Jahr

    Amazing singer well deserved entertainer

  • Konstaza Vacarisas
    Konstaza Vacarisas vor 3 Jahren

    me encanta es la mejor

  • Yuri Cherniakov
    Yuri Cherniakov vor 3 Jahren

    Fabulous voice !!!! Such a control of tembre

  • Hằng Đoàn
    Hằng Đoàn vor 9 Monaten

    I came here with a broken heart that no one else could see

  • Chris K
    Chris K vor 3 Jahren (bearbeitet)

    "everyone trips everyone falls" Jess Jess Jess what made you start singing this particular line just as you come down the stairs on those sky high platform shoes. You did the same when you sang Hold My Hand "...."Break my bones but you won't see me fall"". You just tempting fate