Jess Glynne - Take Me Home - live at Eden Sessions 2016 Herunterladen

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  • 21.09.2016

  • Watch Jess Glynne perform Take Me Home live at the Eden Project, Cornwall, in 2016. Don't forget to Subscribe/Like/Comment/Share! ------- SUBSCRIBE to Eden Sessions TV for regular releases of videos from our archive: More videos on Eden Sessions TV: Buy tickets for this year's Sessions: Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: ------- Eden Sessions TV is a music channel featuring previously unseen footage of the amazing artists who have performed at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, since 2002. The Eden Project's Biomes create a unique and spectacular backdrop and major artists have peformed including Muse, Pulp, Kasabian, Mumford & Sons, Paulo Nutini, Jack Johnson and Mika. As well as the gig footage, Eden Sessions TV features behind-the-scenes interviews with the musicians. The Eden Project is an educational charity with projects around the world. We hope to create a new kind of music TV with artists supporting our charitable ambitions, and Eden helping artists to support their chosen charities. Music TV making a difference. ----- Director: Morgan Lowndes Co-producers: John Empson and Anna Meneer


  • Paulo Robert
    Paulo Robert vor 3 Jahren

    She so beautiful 😍 with a voice wonderful ☺

  • Scott_Prough
    Scott_Prough vor 3 Jahren

    she sounds the same live that she does recorded!! I absolutely love it!!

  • loveTishi
    loveTishi vor 3 Jahren

    I love her voice.Even when she's speaking

  • David Muskett
    David Muskett vor 3 Jahren

    cant understand people who dislike this, my taste is mainly rock but this girl is talented.

    SOLANA RODRGUEZ vor 3 Jahren

    She was discarded by X Factor Australia...And now she is successfull. A tasteful revenge, don't you agree?

  • Danny
    Danny vor 3 Jahren

    Man, this woman is incredible.

  • Jane San Felipe
    Jane San Felipe vor 5 Monaten

    She's underrated. She's very talented and very good when it comes in live.

  • David Steven
    David Steven vor 3 Jahren

    How could any person not like this song

  • Shafika Roejean
    Shafika Roejean vor 1 Jahr

    Valentines 2019 ❤️ anyone?

  • Aoy Lee
    Aoy Lee vor 2 Jahren

    Wrapped up, so consumed by all this hurt

  • Rosa Costa
    Rosa Costa vor 3 Jahren

    she is soo pretty...

  • Lilly Wood
    Lilly Wood vor 4 Monaten

    Just realised I was in the audience for this performance she is amazing live would give anything to see her live again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lia lili
    lia lili vor 3 Jahren

    she doesn't need autotunes

  • jemraisa mangkong
    jemraisa mangkong vor 1 Tag

    I'm in love with all of her. If only she could visit the Philippines :)

  • galaxycat11 mochi
    galaxycat11 mochi vor 2 Jahren

    I love you Jess your the best I hope soon that I can see you in real life I have always dreamed of seeing you in real life😢😢😄😄😄😘😘😘😍😍😗😗😀😀😀🦄🦄😿😿

  • Chris A.
    Chris A. vor 3 Jahren

    This lady should have what Adele has.

  • iam Ł
    iam Ł vor 2 Jahren

    her voice, her accent, her hair

  • Donald Holder*Doc*
    Donald Holder*Doc* vor 1 Monat

    GD she is Absolutely STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS and that voice is outstanding. I can't believe she's not more well known. AND THAT HAIR! 💘

  • Anna Hutchinson
    Anna Hutchinson vor 1 Jahr

    I love this song Mariah here 💖💖

  • nameknoB
    nameknoB vor 3 Jahren

    Lovely lovely Jess. I just stumbled across her on Spotify a few weeks ago and fell in love with her voice. I know, I know, from under which rock did I crawl out from, but I'm old god damn it!