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  • 11.10.2019

  • Aspiring Martian Colonist and Exoplanet Researcher Ryan MacDonald discusses SpaceX's latest Starship design, their future plans, and the where and why of landing humans on Mars. Prospects for using 3D printing, bioregenerative life support, and new surface exploration suits to support human Mars missions are also investigated. Interested in a Martian Colonist Discord channel? Please fill in this form to let me know! -----Further information and links----- *Elon Musk's 'Starship update' 2019 (SpaceX): *SpaceX candidate Mars landing sites (HiRISE): *Project SWIM: *'The Dusty Plains of Arcadia Planitia' (WeMartians Podcast): *'SpaceX is eyeing these 9 places on Mars for landing its first Starship rocket missions' (Business Insider): *NASA's 3D Printed Habitat-Challenge: *AI Space Factory: *HASSELL Mars habitat despription: *'Lunar Palace 1: China's One-Year Mock Moon Mission in Pictures' ( *NASA Spacesuit RFI (NASA): -----Animations + Video----- Various sources, links available upon request. This month's intro graphic is inspired by a SpaceX render of Starship entering the upper Martian atmosphere.


  • Martian Colonist
    Martian Colonist vor 11 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Do you think anyone on Earth will be ready for a crewed Mars mission by 2024? If not 2024, when do you think the first person will land on Mars? And should the first crew be traditional astronauts (NASA, ESA, Roscosmos, JAXA, etc.), company employees, private individuals, or someone else entirely?

  • Cody'sLab
    Cody'sLab vor 11 Monaten

    Hey you came up in my auto play!

  • Synthya Wylder
    Synthya Wylder vor 9 Monaten

    I was born in 1959. I watched the 1st manned lunar landing via television with most of the rest of the world. I hope to live long enough to see the 1st manned Mars landing. In perspective, my grandfather was born in the very late 1800s. With the lack of modern media, he didn't get to witness what is officially recognized as the 1st sustained, controlled, powered heavier-than-air manned flight, but he was alive to hear & read about it in the media of that time, telegraph, telephone, pictures, motion picture & newspapers. Think of what we've accomplished from then to now & how that's accelerating! Thank you for posting this, very well done, & informative!

  • koolerpure
    koolerpure vor 11 Monaten

    its crazy to think 100 years ago we barely had airplanes and now we're planning to become a multi planet species

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann vor 11 Monaten

    Y’all can go I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the place 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rick Strickland
    Rick Strickland vor 11 Monaten

    I am so impressed how you have taken all the bits and pieces of information to create the most comprehensive and best future timeline I have seen. Really Really Good. 🚀🚀🚀👍👍

  • Jojo Jet plane
    Jojo Jet plane vor 8 Monaten

    I’m so happy to see how private enterprise has MASSIVELY succeeded where bureaucracy has massively failed! Go SpaceX! BlueOrigin!!

  • Wolf Heart
    Wolf Heart vor 10 Monaten

    "I can fly; I'm a pilot."

  • Lisa Bowers
    Lisa Bowers vor 11 Monaten

    I'm not quite sure how I've gone all this time without knowing about your channel, but for once, the algorithm actually recommended a relevant video. I'm a

    JOHN GIANDONATO vor 8 Monaten

    Question about Mars geography: Earth standard for elevation is based on sea level. Since Mars has no Ocean, what will be used as the standard parameter to determine various geographic elevations?

  • Clarence Dunn
    Clarence Dunn vor 8 Monaten

    I think you will be a prime candidate for the First Mars Mission. 😀

    TOMAS vor 9 Monaten

    HOW COOL !! TO FIND another Chanel to watch , that's in the same league as " SEA" !! GREAT video ,thanks !!

  • wave hunter
    wave hunter vor 10 Monaten

    Well, that's my fix of Science Fiction for the day.

  • Whistle Blower1
    Whistle Blower1 vor 9 Monaten

    The first actual explanation on YouTube.

  • Haskell Van Marter
    Haskell Van Marter vor 10 Monaten

    Thank you for this great video cast.

  • Dirk Tween
    Dirk Tween vor 9 Monaten

    The "multi-launches" are now planned.

  • pulesjet
    pulesjet vor 9 Monaten

    Elon will have Man on Mars before NASA has any like a Permanent installation on the Moon. Watch !

  • Rob Epley
    Rob Epley vor 11 Monaten

    I am very impressed with your video young man. Very interesting and very informative. Keep up the awesome work. Looking forward to your next video in December.

  • Unpainted Lead Syndrome
    Unpainted Lead Syndrome vor 11 Monaten

    When you say that Elon is only a few months behind on his original timeline if they reched orbit next year... In reality, he is ahead. That timeline was based on development of the carbon fibre rocket. They started producing the tools, outfitting a production site etc... and then scrapped it all to start all over again.

  • Joejava
    Joejava vor 11 Monaten

    OMG WOW!.