MLB ball GIRL "AWESOME" Herunterladen

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  • 22.11.2018

  • Best Ballgirls on MLB !!!


  • manstersr
    manstersr vor 1 Jahr

    Never knew they did that. Quick reactions, they look better than some of the guys on the team. I'm sure they keep a lot of people from getting beaned by foul balls.

  • Michael Serby
    Michael Serby vor 1 Jahr

    They are all stars 💙🇺🇸

  • Jimmy Rice
    Jimmy Rice vor 1 Jahr

    Great to see that ball girls taken care of the little ones. I love Baseball, my Uncle Harry to me to my first baseball game. Sure miss him!

  • DDS029
    DDS029 vor 1 Jahr

    Every time I see one of these ball girl videos, the Boston and San Diego girls dominate, with an honorable mention to the Pittsburgh girls.

  • james brock
    james brock vor 1 Jahr

    players should take notes from these terrific ladies

  • Harvey Hams
    Harvey Hams vor 1 Jahr

    For some of those ladies, it's just another day at the office.

  • HortonKansas
    HortonKansas vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet)

    They don't get enough praise for what they do. I've seen ball girls and boys save fans from serious injury.

  • C Wool
    C Wool vor 1 Jahr

    Great job Ladies!!!!!

  • Bojangles
    Bojangles vor 2 Wochen

    My favorite is from one of them climbing the wall to catch it, you could see the pros just open mouths.

  • Wickwire 9
    Wickwire 9 vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet)

    I've got too the second girl ,1st and 2nd are cute as they can be , but dang those guys won't leave those Angel's alone !

  • Allen Martin
    Allen Martin vor 1 Jahr

    Damn these girls got some skills!!! Plus they are easy on the eyes.

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher vor 1 Jahr

    Red Sox girl is beautiful! 💟

  • Bravadas
    Bravadas vor 1 Jahr

    lots of great catches

  • 321snoot
    321snoot vor 1 Jahr

    How could anyone give this a thumb's down?!? These girls are great!

  • Slomofogo
    Slomofogo vor 2 Monaten

    The ladies have skills!

  • Matthew Lane
    Matthew Lane vor 1 Jahr

    Wish we had these girls on the MN Twins!

  • Frederic Alden
    Frederic Alden vor 1 Jahr

    Thank you, Charlie Finley!

  • leon Szczepkowski
    leon Szczepkowski vor 3 Monaten


  • Richard Kroll
    Richard Kroll vor 1 Jahr

    People don't realize how many injuries these girls prevent.

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself vor 1 Jahr

    Everyone’s here for the thumbnail 😇🤣