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An deine Freunde senden
  • 03.04.2018

  • Provided to YouTube by iGroove Ocean · Native Ocean ℗ 2017 Native Released on: 2017-02-24 Auto-generated by YouTube.


  • spudmonkey
    spudmonkey vor 3 Monaten

    The ocean is my wife. She died on april 15th. I'm thankful for the few years we had together. She gave me unconditional love, she was my best friend, she took care of me

  • Adiani Balmaceda
    Adiani Balmaceda vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    A loved a girl once, she was stunning, she had blues eyes, Loved the ocean she had gorgeous blonde hair, but her character, personality changed me drastically for the better. I was only fortunate to know her for 3 months, a week ago she died in a car crash. I want everyone that's reading this rn, if u love a girl go get her no mater what the outcome may be, rejection is only temporary... Love is forever

  • rayan kabha
    rayan kabha vor 2 Monaten

    '' sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory ''

  • Lika Oshvi
    Lika Oshvi vor 4 Monaten

    im missing the beach :(

  • Vanessa Freitas
    Vanessa Freitas vor 5 Monaten

    Meu cantor favorito ❤️🤗

  • María Andrea Martínez

    I'd rather see the ocean once in a lifetime

  • Beatriz Pillar
    Beatriz Pillar vor 4 Monaten

    eu nunca vi o oceano

  • Giovane Del Piero
    Giovane Del Piero vor 1 Tag

    2020 alguém??

  • Rivaini Hawke
    Rivaini Hawke vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    My girlfriend's name means 'Ocean' we live in different countries and we talk every day but this song describes just how I feel without her

  • cruz lomeli
    cruz lomeli vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    This is a beautiful song: )

  • Katherine Medina vasquez

    Escuchando de la buena música

  • The Poor guy
    The Poor guy vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    This makes me miss someone i never been with..!!

  • Novita R Wingtyas
    Novita R Wingtyas vor 1 Monat

    you know im tryna love my bf even tho its hard. didnt feel the sparks, connections, or even balanced conversations. but each day i've been trying to love him harder. like half part of my soul dont wanna let him go. complicated duh XX

  • cold coffee
    cold coffee vor 1 Monat

    In your life, there will always be one person who you can love and love and love no matter what happens or where they are now, you just love them anyway.

  • HonestKay 72
    HonestKay 72 vor 2 Monaten

    It's the last place I took my dad before he left us. As a child, he would always take us to the beach, fishing, swimming and playing sports with my brothers. He was a tough character, but he was a loving, effectionate dad to me. I miss you dad, and I'm glad we spoke before you moved on. I was able to ask for forgiveness for being a difficult teenage but instead you broke down, cried and asked me to forgive YOU. There's no love like a father/daughter, even during the toughest of time.

  • Sophia Avila
    Sophia Avila vor 4 Monaten

    "Life is like the Ocean, it goes up and it goes down"

  • Angie Potts
    Angie Potts vor 2 Wochen (bearbeitet)

    I wish you knew you are the ocean 3 and wigs was wondering...3 always you & the 4 legs of ginge 3 forever xx

  • loretta dewater
    loretta dewater vor 2 Monaten

    I love and miss you so much baby girl Ashley Marie Joseph ❤

  • my name pps
    my name pps vor 4 Monaten

    Im miss u n

  • Erick Sousa
    Erick Sousa vor 4 Monaten