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  • 07.08.2015

  • Provided to YouTube by Atlantic Records UK Photograph · Ed Sheeran x ℗ 2014 Asylum Records UK, a Warner Music UK Company Strings: Davide Rossi Acoustic Guitar: Ed Sheeran Vocals: Ed Sheeran Additional Producer: Emile Haynie Drum Programmer: Emile Haynie Engineer: Geoff Swan Bass: Jeff Bhasker Keyboards, Piano, Producer: Jeff Bhasker Mixer: Mark Stent Masterer: Stuart Hawkes Engineer: Tyler Sam Johnson Electric Guitar: Tyler Sam Johnson Drum Programmer: Tyler Sam Johnson Writer: Ed Sheeran Writer: Johnny McDaid Writer: Martin Harrington Writer: Thomas Leonard Auto-generated by YouTube.


  • Star Loves SU JJBA BFDI & Danganronpa est. 2003

    Everyone's here talking about their boyfriends and girlfriends and im sitting here in a long distance relationship with no one to hug and im eating oreos.

  • _Logical
    _Logical vor 1 Jahr

    Hey you who is reading this comment, I want you to know how important you are to this world, you are a beautiful person, don't let this world bring you down, know you can get through this hard time in your life, tell yourself things will get better, stay positive and happy and always know you can do it, always try and never give up.

  • Harsh Tandiya
    Harsh Tandiya vor 1 Jahr

    This song gives a nostalgic feeling. Like a memory I have never lived.

  • Grace Daly connolly
    Grace Daly connolly vor 2 Tagen

    When you know you can't be with someone because there never coming back and you falling in love with them who is older then you and it Hurt's every night x

  • Rachael Morton
    Rachael Morton vor 2 Monaten

    I would sing this to my handsome little boy andrew he was only 5 years old and lost his epic battle with brain cancer he was the only male in my life to show me the true meaning of unconditional love i played this at his funeral and I were his ashes in a necklace that sits next to my heart

  • Aki Warman
    Aki Warman vor 14 Stunden (bearbeitet)

    I first heard this at 14 from my rebound. He was my first real relationship and let me know I am enough. He promised to always be there and to watch me heal. I'm 18 now, he's left my life but I still think about him from time to time this was our song. We used to take so many pictures together

  • Esther Moreira
    Esther Moreira vor 1 Jahr

    Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes

  • G Pipkin
    G Pipkin vor 1 Jahr

    My dog just died today and this song perfectly explains how I feel while I'm looking through old pictures of her.

  • Brian Lopez
    Brian Lopez vor 1 Jahr

    This song reminds me of someone I still love but can’t have 💔🥺🔫

  • Rose Wolf
    Rose Wolf vor 3 Jahren

    This was me and my boyfriend's song... He died last year on Halloween.

  • Kaylee Spears
    Kaylee Spears vor 2 Tagen

    If you’re in a military relationship this song hits different bro 😔

  • lx1xsxa .xbxlxn
    lx1xsxa .xbxlxn vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    who listen this song on 2020?

  • VortexGaming
    VortexGaming vor 2 Jahren

    5/10 of comments: I’ve lost my dog/cat/relative.

  • Kami 0526
    Kami 0526 vor 1 Jahr

    If anyone watches Grey’s Anatomy, doesn’t this remind you of the last words Derek said to Meredith before he died. “Stay here. Don’t move. WAIT FOR ME”. I was listening to this in class and I was literally about to cry when I thought of this😭😭💔

  • Laura Kračmerová
    Laura Kračmerová vor 1 Monat

    hey, i know that you are here, because you are sad, depressed and you feel alone and think that nobody loves you. Everyone is in love with you because you are one beautiful person with such a good and big heart and maybe they are not thankful for that but that's their problem. There are and always be more people who honestly loves you and never let you go. Don't cry when sun went away, because you will not see stars behind your tears

  • thiago marques
    thiago marques vor 23 Stunden

    o Arcanjo Miguel esta fora do universo.

  • aleexx385i
    aleexx385i vor 1 Jahr

    Who is still hearing this in the end of 2019

  • Estefany Roxane
    Estefany Roxane vor 1 Jahr

    this song reminds me of someone who I love and can’t be with

  • Ari
    Ari vor 3 Jahren

    Someone hug me.

  • Lolahh C
    Lolahh C vor 2 Wochen

    Wtfff how was this 5 years ago, i remember the day me and my sister danced on our beds while we bumped this😼✨