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  • 24.12.2011

  • Shania Twain suprises Karaoke Singer at TERRYOKE!


  • PatGuy GuyPat
    PatGuy GuyPat vor 3 Jahren

    stop criticizing him ...he's having fun and he got to meet Shania and hug her. that in itself is amazing. lighten up people

  • Philip Mcauley
    Philip Mcauley vor 4 Jahren

    She is one the most beautiful sexy hottest woman alive

  • happy gay conservative
    happy gay conservative vor 3 Jahren

    I love how Shania wouldn't take the mic when he offered it. She made HIM the "star" but she backed him up.

  • Scott Burns
    Scott Burns vor 1 Jahr

    The 2 biggest mysteries of the world are: what happened to Jimmy Hoffa and why did Mutt Lang cheat on her?🤔

  • Marion Groulx
    Marion Groulx vor 4 Jahren

    And just think nobody even cared that it was off key lol but this sure made his day for sure.. his reaction was totally priceless ... and that's all that matters . I had a chance to see her in concert a few years ago... it was great.

  • Emma Klinsmann
    Emma Klinsmann vor 4 Jahren

    beautiful lady such a class act. she didnt try to upstage his singing, just be his backup.

  • Comic Guy
    Comic Guy vor 4 Jahren

    One of the hottest women to ever live. Shania Rocks - wa oh oh OH.

  • Deborah Robertson
    Deborah Robertson vor 2 Jahren

    When she did stadium concerts, she would donate half of her proceeds to the local food banks where she was performing.

  • My Name
    My Name vor 2 Jahren

    She Is STILL FINE AS HELL !!!!

  • Cherie Collins
    Cherie Collins vor 5 Jahren

    I fkng love Shania! She is so humble and down-to-earth! She loves her fans!

  • littlegoobie
    littlegoobie vor 4 Jahren

    this is what karaoke is supposed to be. 100% tone deaf, barely know the words. perfectly entertaining. whaaaa. she doesn't even sing a song?

  • J O
    J O vor 2 Jahren

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Shania Twain!

  • Alma Belhumeur
    Alma Belhumeur vor 1 Jahr

    He was having a blast and Shania was so gracious. Beautiful!!

  • Treestump Flyer
    Treestump Flyer vor 4 Jahren

    bucket list : hug from Shania

  • Brad Quall
    Brad Quall vor 11 Monaten

    Nice. That had to be fun. Love it when famous people do things like this

  • gel aguas
    gel aguas vor 3 Jahren

    Miss Shania Twain, I can't believe your husband cheated on you with your best friend... what a douche!

  • Laura Shook
    Laura Shook vor 1 Jahr

    Nobody in the crowd questioned why giant video recorders?

  • TallCoolDrink
    TallCoolDrink vor 1 Jahr

    Damn. Who would get tired to being with her?

  • Blaze Playz
    Blaze Playz vor 4 Jahren

    Oak lawn, Illinois

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly vor 5 Jahren

    Omg she is one of the biggest recording artists in history! I think I'd faint.