The Truth About Space Debris Herunterladen

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  • 26.04.2019

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  • Pipe2DevNull
    Pipe2DevNull vor 1 Jahr

    Even more difficult is the separating of space garbage into paper, recyclables and compost.

  • Gaming Gammer
    Gaming Gammer vor 5 Monaten

    Imagine going on a space walk and being killed buy a cm of paint

  • andy Dragtstra
    andy Dragtstra vor 4 Monaten

    love how you put "not to scale" in your drawing.

  • Domino Diamond
    Domino Diamond vor 11 Monaten

    I wanna see slow mo of 2 satellites colliding at 46,000 km per hr.

  • XZenon
    XZenon vor 3 Monaten

    I'm waiting. At one point in my lifetime a business collecting space debris will emerge and I want in.

  • Masochistic Meese
    Masochistic Meese vor 1 Jahr

    As Musk himself lands on Mars and the base becomes sufficiently self-sustaining, he detonates the Starlink system - starting the ablation cascade and sealing off the Earth so no one may follow him.

  • Frank Elmer
    Frank Elmer vor 1 Jahr

    I look at this as a great start to a Dyson Sphere.

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar vor 3 Monaten

    In short we humans have managed to take a dump in space too!

  • Uh, Hi?
    Uh, Hi? vor 1 Jahr

    The whipple shield just sounds like spaced armor... which is also used in tanks.

  • Edward Boyd
    Edward Boyd vor 8 Monaten

    Must admit, even putting aside how much i enjoy and actually learn from these videos, I'm really impressed that you go through the time and effort of referencing each point made as if it were a video-essay. Lets viewers know that you're not talking absolute rubbish like many other channels do.

  • ThomasTurner69
    ThomasTurner69 vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet)

    So it's illegal to drop a wrapper on the floor but it's legal to drop 90% of your spacecraft into orbit which could damage future spacecraft for many years to come.

  • belgianfried
    belgianfried vor 8 Monaten

    seeing the flags together makes me happy

  • Ly-Rick
    Ly-Rick vor 8 Monaten

    Bro! Thank you for the References! 3 Just writing an essay about it!

  • Kevin Lu WX
    Kevin Lu WX vor 3 Monaten

    The concern Tyson had is how the debris could grow exponentially due to each collision generating new debris.

  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross vor 1 Jahr

    What an incredible production this is. Super informative, fun to watch, and very well explained.

  • Sean H
    Sean H vor 11 Monaten

    Big congratulations to you for using citations in your video. Doing this is almost unheard of. So cool!

  • lessevdoolbretsim
    lessevdoolbretsim vor 4 Monaten

    We need MegaMaid.

  • 7177
    7177 vor 4 Monaten

    The footnotes in the description are top notch, thank you!

  • VobisPacem
    VobisPacem vor 8 Monaten

    The quality of this video is insanely high for a youtube channel. Absolutely more than worth the patreon money.

  • tezer2d
    tezer2d vor 1 Jahr

    Things, KSP doesn't teach: Space Debris