Undercover Lyft with Danica Patrick Herunterladen

An deine Freunde senden
  • 18.02.2016

  • See what happens when professional racecar driver Danica Patrick shifts into Driver Mode for a day and takes a few unsuspecting Lyft passengers for a ride around town. (Viewer be advised: Danica is driving the way she is because she is a pro. Also, Danica does what Danica wants. Please don't drive like Danica.) Download the Lyft app for rides in minutes: http://www.lyft.com


    ARMYTRIX vor 4 Jahren

    This is Charlotte, NC. NASCAR country. And they don't recognize Danica? hmmm, okay.

  • PrinceofMacedon
    PrinceofMacedon vor 3 Jahren

    I wanna ride with Danica Patrick :'(

  • bispen
    bispen vor 2 Jahren

    No one even knows her??

  • orbas88
    orbas88 vor 3 Jahren

    If I passed her on the street I wouldn't know who tf she is

  • sgasgs
    sgasgs vor 4 Jahren

    she looks like anna kendrick

  • Mj Steelers Nation
    Mj Steelers Nation vor 4 Jahren

    I don't believe she needed a disguise

  • Me Too
    Me Too vor 2 Jahren

    "I'll buy what your selling" ms Patrick got some lezo tendencies

  • iamthebbb
    iamthebbb vor 4 Jahren

    That' would be so embarrassing if the undercover driver didn't get recognized by anyone. I hope that actually happens in a future episode just to watch the awkwardness.

  • NaturalDivineGoddess
    NaturalDivineGoddess vor 1 Monat

    "Think this guy knows who he is up against??"

  • TheCollective
    TheCollective vor 4 Jahren

    Her personality is awesome lol

  • Tyson D.
    Tyson D. vor 4 Jahren

    Is Danica Patrick really that recognizable though? Let's be real.

  • Claire Della Penna
    Claire Della Penna vor 4 Jahren

    no one knows who she is..

    TIKTOK WORLD vor 4 Jahren

    I guess I'm the only one who thought she was that on actress from pitch perfect

  • Dustin Penner
    Dustin Penner vor 4 Jahren

    I was waiting for the bass to drop...

  • Mekrab J
    Mekrab J vor 3 Jahren

    Danica can give me a ride any time, then afterwards we can get into her car to go for a drive.

  • Jeffery Brown
    Jeffery Brown vor 1 Jahr

    Because I am secure in my manhood, I understand that Danica got taken out 75% of the time she "wrecked". As a Nascar fan of 40+ years, I've seen a lot of drivers come and go; I've NEVER seen anyone face the kind of glaring misogyny in racing that she did both on and off the track. Let's be clear...she has more balls than 100% of the guys who complain about how she can't drive.

  • Kalaina Shaw
    Kalaina Shaw vor 3 Jahren

    even though it said Danica Patrick, I still thought she was Anna Kendrick on the thumbnail.

  • Simply Crafts
    Simply Crafts vor 3 Jahren

    Those sunglasses and beanie have about the same effect as Hannah montanas wig

  • Phyoomz
    Phyoomz vor 4 Jahren

    She looks like Anna Kendrick in those sunglasses

  • BBnose
    BBnose vor 4 Jahren

    So funny at