Undercover Lyft with Demi Lovato Herunterladen

An deine Freunde senden
  • 31.08.2016

  • Watch Demi Lovato take a break from her Future Now tour and CAST speaking events to go undercover as a Lyft driver. Even after some Jonas Brothers jokes and a few performances behind the wheel, passengers in Denver never saw it coming. Want to know more about CAST Centers and what Demi’s up to with them? Check out www.castcenters.com


  • lmao
    lmao vor 10 Monaten

    it’s been 3 years and i’m still confused about why they didn’t recognise her

  • Pip
    Pip vor 6 Monaten

    I love how she is just roasting herself the whole time.

  • Jayme Sigler
    Jayme Sigler vor 7 Monaten

    First girl: "I met Demi and she was super nice"

  • Jen K
    Jen K vor 10 Monaten

    Demi: "well luckily no one's ever gonna see this"

  • Yannick
    Yannick vor 11 Monaten

    Demi In Disguise:'Selena is so much more talented'

  • Not So Super Mario
    Not So Super Mario vor 8 Monaten

    Person: "OMG I just insulted the hell out of You, im so sorry."

  • Avery Santos
    Avery Santos vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    “Luckily nobody’s ever gonna see this”

  • Ai lee n
    Ai lee n vor 7 Monaten

    "it's like... cOoL fOr tHe SuMmEr"

  • Meagan Smith
    Meagan Smith vor 6 Monaten

    to this day i still don’t understand how they didn’t recognize her voice or her laugh or just HER IN GENERAL

  • LU J2
    LU J2 vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    "I have actually been travelling the country with my ex boyfriend's brother."

  • Fuffy Shipper
    Fuffy Shipper vor 10 Monaten

    Fan: "Thank god, No one will hear this"

  • budgiebreder
    budgiebreder vor 9 Monaten

    They didn’t recognise her coz she gave a different name and was doing something they would never have expected her to do, and also the glasses and hat disguised her as well.

  • Mama Njie
    Mama Njie vor 1 Jahr

    “I’ve actually been traveling the country with my ex boyfriend’s brother” WOAH 🤣

  • Onyx Campbell
    Onyx Campbell vor 11 Monaten

    How could you hear her singing This is Me and not know

  • Cara Hacker
    Cara Hacker vor 6 Monaten

    Demi: lift is a job that COOL FOR THE SUMMER

  • Juvia Fullbuster
    Juvia Fullbuster vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet)


  • James Gre
    James Gre vor 1 Jahr


  • Dinar Q
    Dinar Q vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet)

    How did they not recognize her voice?

  • Camo Thunder
    Camo Thunder vor 11 Monaten (bearbeitet)


  • Faith Ervin
    Faith Ervin vor 6 Monaten

    Everyone's saying they would have recognised her voice but in the moment you wouldn't think you're sitting next to a celebrity.