Weirdest NAIL ART that should NOT Exist 3 Herunterladen

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  • 05.01.2020

  • Weirdest NAIL ART that should NOT Exist part 3! There's just so many weird and cool nail art designs, comment your favorite! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Part 2 Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Official Merch:


  • Itsjustme
    Itsjustme vor 8 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Are we not going talk about how the “mountain” was from Simply Nailogical...?

  • Tripple Z
    Tripple Z vor 8 Monaten

    I can’t be the only one wondering how these people wipe

  • Reb
    Reb vor 8 Monaten

    "Imagine going up to a child and putting your hand on to their shoulder"

  • Jobin
    Jobin vor 8 Monaten

    This Friday I'm getting my nails done I'm not doing a crazy stuff I'm just putting patters

  • Poofeit The Legit
    Poofeit The Legit vor 8 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Ssniper: "imagine putting your foot into your sock, into your shoe, into your boots... Up somebody's a--"

  • Ameer H
    Ameer H vor 8 Monaten

    2020: Scorpions on nails

  • Sage Thee Potato
    Sage Thee Potato vor 8 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    My sis "look I got my nails done"

  • A_flores 15
    A_flores 15 vor 8 Monaten

    Lia:imagine loving something so much can’t relate

  • IbisPaint Gacha
    IbisPaint Gacha vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    Centipede nail: hello

  • Chloe Kim
    Chloe Kim vor 8 Monaten

    Some person in the world:

  • sleepysero
    sleepysero vor 8 Monaten

    “Imagine having that patience, waiting for 100 layers to dry”

  • crystalclear236
    crystalclear236 vor 8 Monaten

    Umm okay Karen “It’s not like I meant to” put a scorpion in your cuticle when you said ‘Surprise me.’

  • Claudia CROSSLEY
    Claudia CROSSLEY vor 8 Monaten

    oof, Cristine be like: 'BEYYYNNNNN is that my TEEEAAAAAA!!!????"

  • Kyouka Jiro, But Yellow.
    Kyouka Jiro, But Yellow. vor 8 Monaten (bearbeitet)

    you know what’s grosser than the scorpion nails?

  • Bianca Lee
    Bianca Lee vor 8 Monaten

    2019: The year of nail art that should never exist

  • PepperTheDemon
    PepperTheDemon vor 8 Monaten

    “That’s like putting eyebrows on my butt cheek”

  • Jennifer Brady
    Jennifer Brady vor 5 Monaten

    “It’s like putting eyebrows on my butt cheek.”😂

  • Darkstar
    Darkstar vor 8 Monaten

    Me: Looks away for a moment

  • Miley Francis
    Miley Francis vor 1 Monat

    Carin: see’s the long wedding nails

  • Susan Burbano
    Susan Burbano vor 1 Tag

    :snipped wolf:she put more time in her nails than my videos